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Moojamba: a fast Acne-Tan Cure!

Hi everyone,

It must be over a year since I posted on this website. Some people might remember me, I'm moojamba from the 28page-length regime idea about no chemicals, warm water face soaking and daily Apple Cider Vinegar. It was a regime that was really working wonders for me, here's the old link for reference:


But now I'm BACK to give you a BIG very different, interesting update! An update that some of you might consider *deadly* ...yes, I'm afraid, it involves that most deadly of contraptions -- The UV Face Tanning Machine! -- But read on and find out why so far it is providing 100% acne-free skin, and I believe probably NO SKIN DAMAGE risk!


Three quarters of a year ago, I went to Spain for a holiday. I got a nice amount of sun, but didn't stay out sunbathing particularly. Anyway, as always, I noticed (for my skin type) that after some days of sun exposure, my acne cleaned right up and vanished and I got a better complexion too. I didn't sunburn and I didn't particularly tan either.

So I started to think... I live in England, in reality we get very little sun here. Always thick gloomy cloud. I decided to research into what scientists say is the healthy amount of sun exposure we should all have each week, in case I was getting less than I should, and in case this might be resulting in acne-prone skin. Now by healthy exposure I mean -- not so much that you run the risk of getting skin cancer, and not so little that you end up pale as a ghost and vitamin D deficient.

The stated results varied quite a bit. The most sensible advice I found, related to an article in Britain, so I knew it applied to our weather conditions around me. Here's the all important quote from the article:

Dr Holick told the BBC Today programme: "What I am suggesting is sensible sun exposure. We are talking probably about no more than maybe three to five minutes to your hands, face and arms two to three times a week."

So lets calculate... at the minimum, from the given quote, we're talking 3 minutes sun exposure 2 times a week. Which is 6 minutes sun exposure a week. At maximum, we're talking 5 minutes sun exposure 3 times a week. Which is 15 minutes sun exposure a week.

Minimum: 6 mins sun exposure a week

Maximum: 15 mins sun exposure a week

I finally made an experimental decision. I was going to see if being sun deficient was having a result on my skin. So I ordered online from EBAY a face-tanning machine. Not expensive, about £39 delivered. ($60)

* Search for philips hb175 on Ebay, Amazon, Google or Argos*

I decided to ignore the instructions about time length's to tan which came with the device. Since I did not plan to use this to gain a tan, only to go by the recommended sun exposure time each week and try to replicate it with the machine.

So I took the recommended maximum of 15 mins sun exposure a week (stated above) and divided it equally between the 7 days of a week. Settling nicely on just 2 minutes a day of tanning, right before bedtime. Or ideally, 1 minute, twice a day, at seperate times.

The result? FLAWLESS skin. Absolutely FLAWLESS. And quite often I would miss a few days too. So in reality, I would guess that I average out about 1.25 minutes (75 seconds) a day of UV face tanning. I've been doing it for quite a few months now, and have honestly completely forgotton what it's like to have acne come up.

A few times when I got busy and was away from home for a few weeks, I had to miss out on it altogether. I noticed my skin still stayed good for a while, but gradually a few mild spots came back. But as soon as I got home, within 2 days of using the UV tanning machine again, the spots had *disappeared* and I was back to normal. In fact I started getting compliments about my skin looking really good. And the research I continued to do has so far reassured me that I'm simply having a recommended amount of sun exposure from the device, rather than an excessive amount of exposure which is designed to actually get and maintain a tan.

...as for the rest of my regime, unfortunately I have stopped altogether taking the Apply Cider Vinegar because I wanted to test if the UV tanning was the main sole solution here. And it totally prooved to be the case. -- I do however still gently soak my face in very warm water twice a day, for a minute each time. That does a great job at getting rid of existing grease. At nighttime I do this before bed. Then get into bed, tan for about 75 seconds then go to sleep. It's also good to know that, because you go to sleep straight after, your skin gets to rest and rejuvinate throughout the night. Unlike sitting on a beach getting tanned for hours, then walking around for more time in the sun. So you can see in comparison, this is nothing at all similar to ACTUALLY TANNING. Which we all know is lethal in the long run.

A good case in point. I am very well aware that when I eat excessive junk food, a few days later I can be very prone to acne. However, not that this example should be followed by anyone -- I've had a very busy past month and have eaten a record amount of greasy junk food. Especially from being out with friends at university. I would guess McDonald's type meals at least 3/4 times a week. Anyway -- in this excessively bad eating month, I've developed NOT ONE spot!

And you could too!

So if you've got that spare £38 to test out this very fast and (recommended exposure length) scheme, then GO GO GO for it! And let me know how it works out for you!!! Or post back here if you have any questions and I will try to answer them, or others may help and answer them too.

Just remember, only use the Tanning machine for a minimal time, I gave you the figures. And you may even find you only need to use it for 30seconds a day, whatever works for you.

:dance:Good luck! :dance:

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There is no ultimate cure for all acne. Everybody's acne is caused by individual reasons, and needs individual treatment.

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good for you man, well im gonna see if my sun clears up by getting natural sun this summer, and if it works well im gonna buy one of these. cool stuff.

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This may be a really daft question BUT... do you have to use any kind of sun block to use it?

Really glad you have good skin now :)

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Hiya Titch,

Nope, no sunblock necessary. You're getting the recommended sun exposure, hence sunblock isn't necessary. So if you're thinking of getting one of these, it's an initial £38 payment then no more buying stuff! Nice and simple. (I don't sell them by the way)

For anyone worried about the similarities of this compared to really tanning, just remember, people aiming to get a tan don't spend 75secs a day with one of these. :) The 75 secs is what I now call the acne-dose.

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since "links arent allowed" could you please detail the info from ebay that might allow one to find this same unit? thanks

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oh right -- I didn't realise the link was removed. Yep, its easy to find. Head to E bay or Amazon and search for:

philips hb175

-it's right there, still in production and at a pretty good price. Around £38+

Get one of those, use it just a minute or 2 mins a day, and with any luck all your problems will disappear. It made a very obvious, fast and noticable difference to my skin more than anything else has ever done. :shades:

*Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *

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I guess the sunlamp is more effective because, regardless of what the weather is like outside, you can be sure 100% of the UV will get to you from the sun lamp.

With regards to acne-scarring, since I'm not advocating use of the sun lamp to actually give you a tan, it should hopefully not worsen or prolong scarring. More what I was aiming at, was to give yourself just the minimum amount of sun lamp time that would prevent future spots coming up altogether. -Which will help your scars heal because they won't be interrupted by new acne.

I'm not a dermatoglogist, this is just a best guess :)

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From what I can gather, that light emitted by that device is mostly in the UVA range, similar to tanning beds. It is almost universally accepted that UVA will give you a tan, but not kill acne bacteria, whereas UVB does. This makes me curious as to what part of the light is being effective here. Could you answer some questions?

How long have you used the light?

How long did it take to get clear?

How clear does it keep you?

What kind of acne do you have?

Blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, pustules, etc

Dry skin, oily skin, flakey, combination?

And does it help with blackheads too or just inflamed acne?

Also, do you "look" visibly tanner or no?

Sorry for all the q's, thanks a lot.

Also how close do you sit to the light?

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well i don't have a tanning machine, but im taking Vitamin D pills that i bought from GNC, they contain 1000 UV or UI not sure.. anywho, im doing your apple cider thing and using pro active so i'll tell you if i see a difference

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I don't like the sound of this. I mean the dose of UVA from a tanning machine is a lot stronger than from the sub. Therefore using this for 2 minutes a day will accumulate to 14 minutes a week times that by say 50 weeks of a year is a LOTTTT of hours of UVA exposure and this over a life doesn't sound good. I'd rather have acne then premature aging and blotchy, sun damaged skin.

I do believe natural sunlight is better sadly there isn't much of that in the UK lol.

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Hi moojamba and all,

this cure sounds great :cool:

I was on vacation in Spain last summer too and I also realized that after a couple of days my skin was flawless.

A lot of people with acne are telling that a holiday at the sea in combination with sun is working miracles.

I found out the following aspects could have had a positive impact on my skin during this holliday:

- sun -> whiteheads get dried up

- the salt of the sea -> is good against inflamation

- the clorine in the pool -> kills bacteria and dry's the skin

- daily moisturizing with non comedogenic sun cream -> gives you a smooth skin

- less stress (because I was on vacation)

- tanning (=acne and imperfections are less noticeable)

On the flipside there were a lot of other factors that are normally having a negative impact on the skin:

- eating a lot of food, and also some fatty and sweet food I normally don't eat

- drinking less water than normal

- drinking more alcohol than normal

- had less sleep than normal

But nevertheless of these negative factors I also came back from vacation with a flawless skin.

Which kind of acne do you normally have?

I have very oily skin and therefore a lot of small whiteheads. So the reason for my acne is definately the oily skin. When it's warm during summer time my acne gets worse because my skin is more oily.

The interesting thing is that during this vacation I was in some "very hot" ;) clubs and I was pretty shure that I get some whiteheads but absolutely nothing happened.

I go swimming (water with clorine) twice a week and I realized that it has a good impact on my skin because it really clears all the pores and the oil from my skin. But it's not comparable to the effect I had during this vacation.

In some other acne boards I've read about people having good result with salt from the dead see.

At the moment I'm trying another regime, and if this is not working I will try it!

I doubt that the tanning machine alone will work, but I can dry it in combination with the swimming (water with clorine), the salt from the dead see and a good moisturizer.

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