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Guest MarifreakinA

Someone please help me, I need input!

Guest MarifreakinA

From the age of 13 my skin has always been very oily, all the time oiliness.

When I wash it in the morning it's fine, I moisturize it, and then during the day it gets oily, I've been used to this all of my life. Just recently I bought this Decleor Ylang Ylang Oil to control the oil on my skin, it hasn't arrived yet but I was so excited to have found something that could actually control my oily skin.

For the past week my skin has been dry as a bone! Extremely tight actually, especially after I just wash it, there are spots around my chin area that become flaky and not even the best moisturizer can help it. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm quite used to this, the fact that my face is tight and dry in the morning doesn't convince me that it won't get oily throughout the day, but it doesn't! I don't consider myself lucky because this isn't a comfortable dry, it's a flaky, tight mess that I can't seem to moisturize.

I've come to a couple conclusions as to why this is happening.

1. I switched my cleanser just a few days ago (which I really feel has something to do with it), it was the Clean & Clear Cleanser that's in the kit, and it has 10% benzoyl peroxide in it. The product made my face burn, literally feeling like it was on fire. The Clean & Clear made my face very dry so I'm thinking this might be the reason, because of the BP, so I discontinued my use the night before last.

2. The weather, it's very cold outside and I got windburn on my cheeks from playing in the snow, but my face, no matter what the weather is like is always oily, this has never happened before, my face has never been dry all day.

My forehead is by far the most oily out of my T-zone and there's not a spec of oil on it.

If it is the cleanser, does it take time for the oil to come back?

Does oil just go away like that after years?

I should be thrilled, really, but I just ordered the Decleor, I spent $50 on that stuff, and now my face suddenly wants to be dry!?

Please respond.


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Hi have you tired Argan oil soap? Got a argan oil soap few weeks ago and that worked very well


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Guest MarifreakinA

The oil is back on my face!

I purchased CeraVe moisturizing cream and within that day the oil was back on my face.

I love the moisturizing cream, it makes my face feel so good after washing it.

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