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So guys, I'm new here on the forums and I decided to start out with a question. I've been using this 10% BP acne wash for about 9 weeks now (Oxy Wash Maximum Strength) and I didn't really have any problems until recently. I started having breakouts starting for week 5 and onwards. Just a pimple every week, but it would TAKE a week to get rid of one. (left scars) I was wondering if my "regimen" was the cause of this:


St.Ives Apricot Scrub <--- Stopped using a couple of days ago. Read that scrubs irritate your skin. ( Stopped a bit too late though :()

Oxy Wash Maximum Strength <--- 10% BP

Clean & Care Moisturizing Glow

I've put them on everyday, without reading that Dan's regimen wasn't for 10%BP. :( Should I stop using these products or should I limit the amount of times I use them a week?

Thanks! :D

PS. I'm a complete newbie at acne stuff, so don't criticize my choice of products xO My cousin bought them blindly at a Target, but recommended me to get the Acne.org products. Too bad I don't have a credit card..

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The reason people rarely use 10% BP is because it gives you an excessive irriation considering the effect you get(it's in no way 4 times more effective than 2.5%). As for the cleanser, the active ingredients(BP,SA, etc..) in cleansers won't have much effect on your skin because they don't stay long enough on your skin to take effects.

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i think you're probably breaking out because the 10% bp is too irritating.

oh and you can buy the acne.org products with cash, not just credit card.

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