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Antibiotic (tetracycline) Alternatives - Is there a Solution???

For all of you out there that have had success with tetracycline (particularly Adoxa) for acne, but then grew immune to its effects and relapsed with an even more explosive form of acne I want to hear from you all. Please give us some details, like what type of breakouts you were having that caused you to opt for antibiotics, what your ethnicity and skin type were (oily etc, describe the texture, tone), how old you were when the acne began and when you started the antibiotics and whether or not acne runs in your family. Also, did you have or develop any gastrointestinal problems either before or after the antibiotics? How was your diet before and during the antibiotic usage? And if you know of any specific issues you have that are for a certainty related to your acne (food allergies, or any illness) please describe so that the results of this little survey are not skewed. Then please let us know of any INTERNAL treatments you have tried since then and which ones did or did not work for you. I am hoping that starting from this point, we can at least get to an acne solution for those whose issue seems to be in part a bacterial issue (due to the limited success with antibiotics). It is my hope that as we collect more information and do more research we can branch this thread out to others and address the various causes of acne. PLEASE DO NOT PARTICIPATE YET IN THIS THREAD UNTIL WE BEGIN POSTS THAT ADDRESS YOUR SPECIFIC ACNE ISSUE WE DO NOT WANT TO THROW THINGS OFF TOPIC BEFORE WE ARE EVEN ALLOWED TO BEGIN!!! UNTIL YOUR TOPIC BEGINS RECEIVING ATTENTION I ENCOURAGE YOU TO FOLLOW THIS THREAD TO BE THOROUGHLY INFORMED AND AVOID REPEAT QUESTIONS ETC. Thanks guys. :) no harm i love you all

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