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Osmotics Triceram


A really effective product for either rosacea, eczema, atopic dermatitis and other skin disorders. It is a really soothing rich cream and i highly recommend it for quick results. There are other creams i recommend, mainly the ones that are on the low PH levels because in order for the skin to heal it needs a PH level of 5-6.0, anything above the PH of 7.0 can lead to skin problems such as eczema, severely red, cracking, irritated skin. This PH rule also goes for cleansers and moisturizers you use on your face, Triceram is a very low PH cream, i recommend all your products you use for your face needs to be under 6 PH or better, if your cleanser of choice does not provide a PH number (if you ask the makers) do not even bother with their products. The majority of acne products and soaps are above 9, and people wonder why they have skin problems.


Not only are all the products you may be using like foaming soaps, scrubs and exfoliants, acne products etc. be contributing to your acne and skin problems, but the water you use to wash your face may be contributing as well. If you have irritated, constantly itchy, red, dry, flaky, peeling, cracking, cystic nodules, red non-pustule acne, oily skin you may be suffering from a high Alkaline tap water when you take a shower or wash in the sink.

I recommend reverse osmosis whole house filtration system to lower the PH level of your home's tap water. Now only does reverse osmosis eliminate the chemicals and contaminants found in city tap water, it can drastically balance the PH to around 6.0. First i would recommend buying some PH test strips to test your tap water to see if your water is Acidic or Alkaline, if the water is above 7.0 PH then i would recommend an R/O system for your skin cleaning needs.

There are electrolysis water generators that drop water's PH to 2.0-3.0 Acidic which makes a very healing water used directly on effected areas. This boy was cured from childhood eczema with continued use of electrolysis water on the skin, and drank alkaline water everyday, he and many others were cured:

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Shea butter clears scarring and tea tree oil is anti bacterial and anti fungal. I use the soap and shea butter called RESTROZ handmade soap. You are right about the moisture needed. Tahnks for the post.

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I use number 3

found I cant use it in the day so I use it night..Only a couple days so can't judge

I use aveeno complexion moisturizer in the day (the 0.5 acid is in is supposed to be good for seb derm I think)

But yeah I really wanna try the first one

is it for day or night? mm...

85 bucks is alot though..most I spent on a moisturizer is 50..But if its amazing I would try it..

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*moderator edit*

Apparently, the moderator of this forum thinks I am adverstising for a particular company. I have been a member of this forum for 2006 and I have helped people and I have no person "business interest in being here".

Why am I accused of adverstising - when the OP is clearly endorsing a product line?

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Well, I only ever tried one rosacea topical and that was metrogel or whatever. It was a long time ago. I found that aloe vera worked just as well.

And then later, an anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense diet worked even better.

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