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guys, I'm new member. I just recently broke out with some horrific monster size pimples on my cheeks and that made me wanted to get back into buying some acne treatments. So I just non-chalantly surf the web and it got me here.

I think this is a very good website sharing hardships and experience with everyone here.

I've always had acne problems. lets put it this way, at one point, Dermatologist told me that I was helpless. So my acne problem is and always will be severe. But everything is controlled now.

lets see, products I've used were Sulfoxyl medium and strong, Retin-A gel the green one and orange one, Retin-A mircro, tazarac, Pro-Activ, as well as Murad Acne complex.. Everything worked for me. Why? because I was obedient to follow exactly what the doctor told me. I just followed my routine, apply acne medication before I go to bed. In the morning, I wash my face, and again, I apply acne medication. this regime is basically similar to Dan's except for the lotion part.

At one point, I felt that my face was perfect and totally acne free, and thus I decided to just totally stop with the acne treatments. BAD IDEA!!!! don't try this guys.

It turned out that I made a huge mistake. not only did my acne came back within 7months, they came back bigger and uglier. I even went to a wedding at one point with a huge pimple on my nose. Horrifying huh? You name it, I had them all... black heads, white heads...cyst... O by the way, I pop them all the time.

now I'm okay. I just went back to my routine. This time I'm just using this acne lotion that contains 2% Salicylic acid- (Neutragena) surprising huH? from expensive products to cheap over the counter products. I just didn't want to pay all that money to buy similar product ingredients which i can get at a local drugstore. Best thing is, it works. with Murad acne complex and pro-Activ, you basically don't need to buy the soap and the hydrating lotion. and the treatment contains same active ingredients which you can find in a drugstore.

What can I say, 5-7 years back I don't remember seeing 10% Benzoyl peroxide nor did I see 2% Salicylic acid products sold over the counter at local drugstores. It's amazing how much have changed since. I am actually very happy that I don't have to pay expensive visits to the dermatologist for a 5min talk and then to pay additional $125.00 for Retin-A gel anymore.

O, by the way, I noticed that everytime I go to the gym- I break-out more. I used to think that it was protein shakes, but it is not. It has everything to do with stress level. At least to my stress level.

feel free to comment. Thanks for reading.

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Good luck! Do you have problems with scarring too?

Kind of. but they'd normally disppear- not overnite of course.. takes like over 1 year to disappear along with blemishes.

My problem was that I never really dedicate time to take care of my skin. My gf kept on annoying me by telling me that I should take care of my skin and all that stuff. I didn't listen to her then, but now, I wish that I should've. Cuz now my skin is really not that good.. scars a bit here and there.. blemishes here and there.. that's why I am back on the regimen.

at first, it started the purging stage.. then 2 weeks later, I am fine. Acne free. i feel great. I am now putting on BP as well as moisturizer which I normally don't use that at all. I'd normally skip the moisturizer part. I mean, holy- without lotion, my skin would dry up like crazy.. like a desert field. Now, I'm looking to get rid of these blemishes.

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