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Help! My face is really red, itchy and flaky..

You have to tell us what you did to get this red and flaky. Was it your regimen? If so, what is your regimen?

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I suffer from Rosacea, Seborheic Dermatitis and Acne. I ran out of my Plexion cleanser which helped keep the redness under control. Its been a week and a half that I've been without it and the redness started to build up so I went back to the derm like 2 days ago and she prescribed my plexion cleanser And I just started using it yesterday and the redness is still here and it itches so much i cant even scratch it. she didnt give me any kind of lotion to bring the redness down or to stop the itch so I dont have anything to use... Any suggestions???? Also she prescribed me minocycline pills and she said that would bring the redness down but I just started taking the pills yesterday..... My face looks like a tomato please help!!!!! sad.gifevil.gifcry.gif

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Gosh...that sounds really complicated. I've heard that Rosacea can be attributed to mites living within the skin. Scary stuff.

The only natural things I know about redness are 100% aloe vera, tea tree oil, and some facial masks like cucumber. Personally, I like to only use natural and organic products because I find they're less irritating and.........natural! But I'm sure that there are more out there with greater effectiveness. Hopefully someone else can help.

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