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help me out

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how r u guys ?

i suffer from spots and acnes in my back !

i tried to put creams but once i stop they all come back again !

and im sick from having to put them everynight so i just don't do it no more and now i suffer again!

just beore 2 days again i went to the doctor and he gave me Dalacin C bills so is this realy gonna work out for me ? or do u have something other than creams that can realy help me to get my back with out any spots or zips

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no one want to help me out !! :( !!

quite often that acne will come back once you stop treatment. Suggest you to keep continue on with treatment. Haven't heard that there's a cure for acne, but instead, treatment is required.

I, myself have acne problems for years. 7 years back, I've used Sulfoyl 10% Benzoyl peroxide as well as Retin A Gel - prescription drug. After 3 years of use, I was totally acne free, and so I decided to stop. 6 months after stop, my acne all came back to me, worse than before. HUGE ugly, highly inflamed cysts.. so I ended up going back with acne treatments with gels.

In today's world, there's just so many treatments to choose from. You can try over-the-counter acne treatments and they work just as good as prescription gels and creams.

if your acne is only mild, use 2.5% benzoyl Peroxide or 2% salicylic Acid will be fine..but of course, depending on how your skin react. some couldn't handle either or the other or perhaps able to cope with both.

in any event, treatment is necessary...

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