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OTC Alternative to Differin 0.3 Gel?

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There are OTC retinoids that might work for you in place of Differin. Has this strength of Differin worked for you? Just wondering if you are wanting to switch because the medication is too strong or not strong enough?

Two products to suggest:

-The Vivant Pharmaceuticals Vitamin A proprionate line is good - I have used it for awhile now. There are three strength levels: Derm-A-Gel (mildest), Exfol-A (middle), Exfol-A Forte (strongest). I would recommend starting with the Derm A Gel, unless your skin is already adapted to retinoids. The products also contain exfoliants like lactic and glycolic acids, which helps the product penetrate the skin better.

-Green Cream. I don't use this myself, but it is an OTC retinol product that some board members really like. It also has three strength levels: Level 3, Level 6, and Level 9. Same recommendation as above with starting off with the mildest version, unless your skin is already used to retinoids.

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Thanks for the reply Willow!

I'd been on Differin 0.3 for about a year with much success. It's non-irritating on my sensitive skin, yet strong enough to prevent acne. I've never experienced a product like this.

Unfortunately I was laid off recently and don't have health insurance, and for that reason alone I'm seeking an OTC alternative.

Thanks for the Vivant Pharmaceuticals suggestion. I wonder if the Derm-A-Gel would be strong enough for my skin. The other products contain acids, and from my experience even the "mild" acids irritate my skin. The other downside is the price.

I might give Green Cream a try until I find another job. This is depressing; one week without Differin and my skin's starting to break out. I wish we had universal healthcare in the states :cry:

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