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Half Way point derm appointment :|

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So went to see my derm this morning, unfortunately he wasnt in but a replacement person was there and going to pass on all the info to my derm. Just been put on another 6weeks of 60MG and apparently that should be all i need because my face has greatly improved. The guy asked where abouts is the main problem of acne and i said my face and he said wow, cus i dont think he was expecting so much improvement on the face. Andd he looked carefully at my face under a funny light and liked everything which was going on =]. So thats that


:| i had a terrible experience with my blood test :alien: the guy said he needed a blood test from me and i was feeling fine and everything so i had no problem, was transfered to a blood test room where the nurse "attempted" to get blood out my right arm but couldnt get anything and i almost passed out :( i've had blood done loads of times before and been fine but i came over terribly ill, i turned completely white, i felt like i was about to throw up, i was clammy and dizzy. The nurse had to put me on a bed and give me a sick dish thingy... another nurse came to watch over me, i felt horrific. But the two nurses were great and got my glasses of water and just sat and talked to me while i came round. And i got given three bisuits ^_^ to get my sugar levels up cus i hadnt eaten anything. Was so weird, so i've taken the day off because i've been feeling crappy all day because of that and my arm where the nurse was trying to get blood is really hurting now. Have to go back to the hospital sometime over the next week to try again to get my test done. I have never been afraid of needles or anything but because of today i'm now scared of getting it done haha :|

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It's great to hear you're seeing a big improvement. It's always a nice feeling when someone is surprised you've had skin problems because it means they see a clear face!

But the bloodwork... ouch! I've had tons of blood taken for my first course of accutane and a few times when I was sick and never had a problem, but when I went in for the first bloodwork of my second course, the nurse couldn't get any blood and had to switch arms ::excuse the details:: after fishing around in my arm with a sharp object for what felt like forever!

I hope you have better luck next time and congrats on the skin! ;)

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I am in the exact same posistion as yourself with the blood tests. I have never been worried or put off at all over having a blood test, but recently I have been have had 3 blood tests in the last 2 months due to me started accuntane etc....the 1st blood test I had, I came over all funny in the chair, my hearing went weird and I went as white as a ghost. Next thing you know im flat on my back on the floor. Ever since then I cannot stand the tests.....I worry constantly about it and panic about my next one. Well because of the worrying I guess, I past out in the other 2 tests aswell....which has just made it so embarrassing going in for these poxy blood tests now, I got another one in 4 weeks for the one month roacutane check up. Im dreading it.....just dont think about it bud, hopefully you will be fine :)


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That's a pretty normal reaction for blood draws; nothing to be ashamed of. Particularly when one is fasting and unfortunately that's required for most of the Accutane follow-up blood tests.

I am an RN so I draw other people's blood just about everyday except Sundays (lab doesn't pick up those days!) However, I will get that vision/hearing/color change thing (sign you're about to faint) if I even GLANCE at the needle in my arm. It seems to be the combination of pain no matter how mild it is, plus seeing my own blood flowing into a tube. So...do not look, not even a glance! Look at the ceiling, look at someone else in the room, look completely away! Some people have a problem even seeing their blood in the tubes once it's collected, so don't even look at that!

Carry a snack WITH you so you can eat as soon as you've finished the blood draw and you'll recover faster and be better able to drive or catch public transportation.

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