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What the hell is this?!

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My problems started half a year ago. A big hard bump formed about 1,5cm above my nose. It was horrible, i left the bump alone for about 2 months hoping it would go away and it just kept growing. At first it was hardly noticeable but then it became really red and big (about 2cm in diameter) and also it became soft. I started putting a strong cream on it and when the skin over it started peeling I fianlly managed to pop it. It was so disgusting I almost threw up, seriously. It contained yellow liquid and the yellow stuff like a normal pimple and it was all mixed with blood and there was SO MUCH of it. And it didnt come out at once, i had to press hard on it about 5 times until all of it came out. But it would come back the next day and I had to pop it again and again. It finally stopped coming back about a month and it disspeared (although i have a small scar left on the place where the hole was). I was praying it would never come back again. But now, after half a year it formed again and almost on the exact spot, its about 0,5cm lower than the first one. I am totally depressed and currently feel sick because I just popped it for the first time and it was as horrible as the first one I had. I have a sensitive stomach to these things :X Why cant I just have normal acne!!!

I am not sure, are these Sebaceous cysts? The fact that the bump becomes soft and i am able to pop it confuses me. Cysts are ussualy hard and you have to have them removed by a doctor no?

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Oh man, I hear ya! I have the same problem of recurrence right on my left cheekbone, under my eye. My first one was in September while I was on vacation in France. I popped it when I got home, and I got this nasty blood looking mark. It remained slightly inflammed for a while. Then I got the opportunity to pop it again, and finally all the dormant gunk left under there came out. I have these awful hyperpigmentation spots left over, but they're fading and I can cover them perfectly with makeup. Then yesterday, I got another one. It's pretty much drained, I don't ever care about the spots left over. What I care about is that it's inflammed again!!!! I just want my cheekbone to be flat, especially because its my cheekbone. Cheekbones stick out and contour, so you can totally see the swolleness. And its under the bag of my eye, so its super noticeable because there's this raised part and then it just jumps down to be under my eye! I can even see it out of the corner of my eye. Life is amazing.

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