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acne is depressing me :(

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everytime i get new pimples i get really depressed to the point i dont go out.When i call my derm the nurse doesnt even care if i need to see my derm i can tell by her voice and i get really upset.I feel my derm thinks im nuts cause i call every week but i dont want the zits to win so i call to get checked out.maybe i am a freak for calling every week.I feel like i see my derm more than anyone.its getting to the point that acne is really depressing me bad and i hope i dont need meds cause of it but i hate the way my face looks.I dont go out when i get big zits i stay in for days on end am i the only one who does this?I wish they would find a cure for this crap i know we all do it sucks.sometimes i really hate my life because of it.

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It is really depressing seeing these new nasty crap sprouting on your face. You're not a freak. It's natural to feel frustrated and wanting to find a way to get rid of acne. And it totally seems like dermatologists don't care. I guess it's because they have to see acne everyday on so many patients. But you shouldn't lock yourself up. Acne shouldn't prevent you from going out. Just hold your head up high and walk out that door. Stressing over acne will only make things worse. Don't worry. You're not alone.

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No,you definitely arent alone.When I get break outs I dont leave my house either unless I have to.Especially during the day (they can be hidden better at night)

And it's not just your dr. office receptionist.I LOVE my dermatologist,but the front desk women who answer the phones are the biggest bitches! Is it just me or are ALL dr. office receptionists bitches?

How long have you been going to your derm? And the real question is,do you like him? If you dont feel he takes you seriously or isnt sympathetic,maybe you should try to find a new one.

If you DO like him,then maybe you should step back and think about how often you call.

Does it really help?

You know, acne and anxiety are often closely related.Maybe going on medication for it isnt such a bad idea. there is no shame in admitting you might have an imbalance or something that is causing you to over obsess.

I was on prozac for a while and I found it helped make me a little more carefree about my acne.When I got a pimple,it didnt seem like the end of the world.

Some people who over obsess and constantly pick actually DO have medical condition and if treated,they feel better,stop picking and find their acne lessens.

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