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Another Accutane Journey :)

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Hello everyone!

So here's my story: I've had acne for around 4-5 years. Most of it was mild and only the occasional breakout, so I tried Proactiv, which somewhat worked but stopped working after a month or two. The past summer my skin cleared up almost completely, and then school started. The stresses of high school really got to me & I started seeing a dermatologist in September. She put me on topicals such as Duac, Retin-A, and Differin 0.1 & 0.3, while taking a the pill Doryx. My skin finally reached its all time worse two months ago and I decided to ask about Accutane, since my mom and two brothers have all successfully completed their Accutane journey. So here it goes....

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Week 1

I've been meaning to make a log since pill 1, however I've had lacrosse practice every day after school and have been incredibly busy. My routine is wash my face in the morning with Rosaderm cleanser, then use Cerave moisturizer. I love Cerave because it gives you great moisture, but doesn't leave your face oily or shiny. At night, i use the same cleanser and then the Cetaphil moisturizer because it's more oily and greasy but works really well. Here I am on the Saturday of week 1, and my skin acutally has improved. It's deffinitely a lot softer and smoother. A little chapped lips, but not too bad yet. I also have pretty dry skin, however that may be because we run outside in dry, 40 degree weather. I've got to confess- i'm a picker. :naughty: I do get many whiteheads, but picking my skin on acctuane doesn't really work. Anywhoo, I'll be trying to post as much as I can and hopefully these will be helpful to someone!

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Week 2

I'm sorry i don't post much, there's not enough time in the day! Not much has changed. Still pretty much the same amout of pimples on my face, only a little bigger and take longer to go away. My skin deffinitely got drier, as well as my scalp. I'll be picking up some head & shoulders soon. :) I also constantly need Aquaphor on my lips, they're very dry. My eczema is flaring pretty bad too. :/ I got a sunburn while being in the sun for about an hour, and i usually don't burn that bad, but that's just another side effect. I'm not complaining, I'm trying to stay as positive as I can! :) Thanks for reading & good luck.

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