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Persistent blackheads on back, shoulders, and chest

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I had been an acne suffer for almost 10 years and have just recently gotten to the point where I'm not breaking out anymore. Unfortunately, now that my skin is clear from my cystic acne, I'm taking more notice to the blackheads I have not only on my face (nose and cheeks) but also on my BACK.

Not just a blackhead here and there, but completely covering every square inch of my shoulders, upper back, and on and along my collarbone. Luckily, they are not very noticeable. They are more noticeable by feeling my skin than by looking at it, although when you look at an angle you can see all the spots. They are so bad that my skin in these areas feels like sandpaper.

Everyday I take a long, hot shower to open my pores, gently scrape off the blackheads with my fingernails and a washcloth, use Clean and Clear blackhead scrub (meant for face). When I get out of the shower, I use Clean and Clear oil fighting astringent, apple cider vinegar and water toner, and finish it up with Nature's Gate Tea Tree Moisturizer.

I have also completely stopped drinking soda, have small amounts of juice every other day, and have switched from 2% milk to soy milk. I drink approximately 10-15 eight ounce cups of water a day as well as take a quality multivitamin and fish oil supplements. I am also on a diet that is supposed to help improve your skin by omitting as many sugars, oils, and fats in the diet, and eating foods high in vitamins like veggies.

Even after all of this, the blackheads are just as persistent. After my shower my back is pretty smooth, but after a day I can feel them start to return, and if I go 2 days without treatment my back feels like sandpaper. I am going on vacation for spring break in 6 weeks and want to have at least some confidence to go shirtless at the beach. I have called all my area dermatologists and they are all booked up until at least May. I have been to several derms before and have not had great success with their medications and topical creams. I have done MUCH better treating them in a natural way. The only thing I can't seem to control are the damn blackheads.

It is very depressing to battle moderate acne for 10 years and finally have that under control just to be hit with another skin issue that is, in my opinion, just as debilitating as cystic acne. All my life my skin has caused me great emotional pain and has had grave social consequences as well. I am looking for ANY help that will give me improvements. I was thinking about buying a TCA chemical peel. I have used a 35% glycolic peel in the past that seemed to help somewhat, but I used it for so long that my skin now needs something stronger to have the same effect....any help guys?

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I used to have blackhead problems but not as serious as your's but i think that maby the holiday is what you need to rid of them!! Some causes for blackheads include stress and sweating so maby if you just let the pores on your back and sholders breath a little. It would help with the sun because the heat will open you pores and if your going anywhere near a beach then some research shows that salt water can nutralise your skin or you could try washing your back with a home made ointment- Many treatment contain very harsh chemicals that could just be making your situation worse so why not make your own just use some kind of shower gel and mix it with salt, alcohol and maby something gritty like sand. You could also try toothpaste!! i know it sounds weird but it helps dry up skin and the limestone will nutralise as well. For extrem cases of sweat some people try deoderant on their backs but im not sure if this works?!? (if you try it let me know) I hope i helped !! xxxx :surprised:

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i know clay masks for your face are excellent at getting rid of blackheads, maybe you could ring around a few beauty places in your area and see if they can do a similar thing for your back and shoulders? Just remember that you can breakout pretty bad from clay masks

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