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I was recommended this face wash (Neostrata facial cleanser) by my derm a few years ago,and I have to tell you,it is the best face wash I have ever used.

I'am only not using it right now because The office discontinued it and now I can only order it online and I havent gotten around to it.(skinstore.com or Amazon usually has it)

Anyways,the reason it is so superior (in my opinion of course) is because it contains 4%

PHA gluconolactone formulation (a POLYHYDROXY acid) which is similar to BHA and AHA,except that the molecules are larger causing fewer episodes of peeling, flaking or dryness.

In most over the counter face washes,it's Ammonium Laureth Sulfate that give you lather and also dry out your face and cause irritation.

NeoStrata doesnt have that.It's a soap free,fragrance-free cleanser designed for acne prone people with sensitive skin or in conjunction with theraputic acne regimens.

It chemically exfoliates without any scrubbing whatsoever,but is very gentle and leaves your face smooth and soft.

It goes for about 22 dollars a bottle (but the bottle can last up to 3 months and is worth it)

Just thought I'd throw this out there for anyone looking for something new(cause I havent seen a thread about it yet)It is ideal for use in combination with acne products like BP,Differin and low dose Retin-A.

Because it chemically exfoliates,it is also used for people with wrinkles.

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Thankk you, I bought this product and couldn't find reviews of it or anything! I think its discontinued. Anyway, I'm using Differin and Benzaclin, as well as this cleaner. And a cetaphil moisturizer. I was wondering if this neostrata product was too harsh with this regime. Thanks for this!

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