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DAN im your slave now!

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i have been using the regimen for a week now! ohhh god my skin looks better than ever before....

heres my regimen plus other treatments from my derm:


physiogel cleanser

brevoxyl 4%

azelaic acid 20% from my derm

cetaphil moisturizing lotion



physiogel cleanser

tretinoin .1% from my derm

azelaic acid 20% from my derm

brevoxyl 4%

cetaphil moisturizing lotion

i really never had breakouts in the past few months just a 2 or 1 in a month...my main problems are blackheads, milia(whiteheads) and lots and lots of microcomedones and bright red face tint...haha now after 1 week on tHAT regimen, most of the blockages have been eliminated...i can see small bumps but i think they are still on the process of purging out...my face now has pinkish glow and wen i wash i could hardly fell the sandpaper texture brought about by the microcomedones...i apply lots of BP

as in lots of BP...haha then at night since i have tretinoin and azelaic plus the BP i double the layer of cetaphil like a mud pack but i love it coz it dissappears in 10-15 minutes...im really prone to microcomedo formation wen i use new products and i have read from the review that cetaphil is comdeogenic:its completely not true...i love cetaphil i just love it! its perfect!..

im just happy now...im sure thhis will continue to progress...i will attach my latest pic maybe next week...

dan thank you with all of my life...your an angel

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