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Hi everybody, so i thought i'd join and post,

i guess its nice to write things out, share, with other people who understand..

so basically i'm 14 year old girl ( soon to be 15, feb is my bday) and i've sufferd and battled with my acne since i was 10...oh whata journey its been.

i live in a small town, all the girls are like perfect here, i tend not to show it but acne eats my self confidance, makes me a much more shy person and i dont have any guts, if you asked my friends though, they would'nt have a clue about this they see me as always happy, its a hard act to give out....*sigh* why does acne do this to me? i don't know it just has this effect...Okay enough of my sob story XD

so, i started accutane in november, and its january and my face has cleard up a tiny bit, but i'm now getting these huge bumps, they take absloutley ages to come to head and there really sore...i've never gotten these before. is it a side effect ?

im currently only taking 10mg as im small * one day i will grow muhahahaha*

and also because my mam is so parniod about side-effects, my dermitoligst, gave me a low dose to shut my mum up i think....well on monday where goin back for another blood test * shudder* and im going up on a higher dose WOOO...

side effects i suffer from: im ethier hungry all the time, or dont feel like eating for days on end, im very emotional *blush* always tired , extra lazy ( than usual LOL)

sorry for blabbing on, and good luck to everyone who fighting acne! let's kill tha bitch! :)

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hey fellow 14 year old girl on accutane! wow, we have 3 things in common so far! i will be following your log and seeing how your effected by it :) and if it's not to late, good luck! Here's to clear skin in 5 months (or whenever your course is done:)

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good luck with your accutane journey! yep..5 months baby! ready for the summer =D fingerscrossed

so, had my appointment today, and apparently im to little. *height and weight*

but next month, they said i could try out 30mg

as my mam is mega anxious about side-effects, they wont go higher...i pretty sure they think my mam wonts to sue! XD

i Don't know if bein sleepy is a side-effect or i'm just plain lazy, but gosh i could sleep for days!!

i've got two new cyst lumps GRR..just as my old ones nearly gone.

i'm starting my runing tomorow, i hope my bones dont crack under the pressure, there really sore 24/7 at the mo

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