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Topical Vitamin C

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Hey everyone...

We all know how important vitamin C is for collagen formation. I've done a lot of research on this particular nutrient and learned about how pairing vitamin C with phosphatidylcholine, one greatly enhances the viability of the vitamin.

Recently I learned that the application of vitamin C coupled with these lipids, greatly enhanced the penetration and assimilation of the vitamin into the skin.

"Phosphatidylcholine liposomes (the same material is in our skin's cell walls), which are proven in research to increase penetration [of skincare actives] by 1000%." - Ben Johnson, M.D.

"Vitamin C has been proven to have a 2% absorption rate. [Encoating it with liposomes] increases penetration 1000%. " osmosisskincare.com

I've been taking liposomal vitamin C supplement internally. I've also been using the extra from the packets on my scars and it does appear to be helping them. Ihaven't been using this for very long but I am encouraged with what I have seen thus far. I'm definitely going to continue with it.

You can read about this technology at vitamincfoundation.org. They have articles and many discussion in their forums about liposomal vitamin C.

I hope this is useful information to anyone interested in vitamin C, either for supplementation or topical use. Personally I think that everyone with skin concers (especially scarring) should be taking extra vitamin C.

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^ Thanks for the info scarcrash.

I will be looking more into what you said. At this time I have no idea what "phosphatidylcholine" is...lol... let alone combining it with vitamin c.

Sounds useful and interesting.

Thanks again.

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