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tired princess

big dots all over nose and top of cheek

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so i know these dots/holes are pores. but on my nose and upper cheek they are HUGE! is there any over night stuff i can use to shrink the size of these pores???? its gross.. my nose looks like a strawberry :(

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i used to do this one regimen all the time it consists of egg whites & if you want , a couple drops of lemon juice.

Take one egg and break it. Separate the egg whites and the egg yolk by using the traditional method. If you prefer using another method, by all means do so.

Take a fork and beat the egg whites until it becomes foamy. When you do this, the egg whites becomes easier to apply on the face.

Now evenly apply the egg whites on your face while avoiding the eye area. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes or whenever you feel the mask is dry. You should feel your skin tightening.

As the mask tightens, it is refining your pores, whitening your skin and giving you a mini facelift. The facelift effect should last for a few hours. Egg whites are known to help whiten the skin naturally.

After you wash off the egg whites, tone your face to further the effect of tightening the pores and removing the leftover egg whites on the face. You can use this mask whenever you need touch ups or to whiten your face and tighten your pores.


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so i know these dots/holes are pores. but on my nose and upper cheek they are HUGE! is there any over night stuff i can use to shrink the size of these pores???? its gross.. my nose looks like a strawberry :(

Hi Here complete details about acne and how you can stop naturaly

Acne (acne vulgaris) is due to a hormone imbalance causing the sebaceous glands to produce too much sebum. This blocks the pores and causes a bacterial infection - the bacteria involved are called Propionibacterium acne (P. acne).

Factors that can contribute to acne are oily skin, heredity, menstruation and some contraceptives (both increase levels of progesterone in the body), and an overgrowth of candida (a yeast) in the gut that causes hormonal changes. Other possible contributing factors are stress, allergies and certain drugs including steroids. Nutritional deficiencies and, or a diet high in saturated fats, hydrogenated fats and animal products can also be involved. The pH of the body is also important - an imbalance can influence the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

Antibiotics and certain oral contraceptives are conventional treatments however neither solves the underlying problem. The acne bacteria are also becoming increasingly resistant to the antibiotics prescribed to treat it.

Changes to your diet, and the use of supplements and herbs can help get your body back into balance. These improvements are not immediate but they can be long-term and far more effective. Using natural skincare products that are specifically designed to help combat problem skin (see below) is obviously very important, however just doing this alone is often not enough. Dealing with the problem from the inside is just as, if not more, important.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and one of its functions is to eliminate some of the body's toxic waste through sweating. However if the levels of toxins in the body are too high for the kidneys and liver to deal with then the skin takes over, and this affects the health of the skin - this is key to many skin disorders.


It is important to ensure that you are drinking at least two litres of bottled or filtered water at room temperature each day to flush out toxins.

Fibre - increasing your intake of dietary fibre can also improve colon health - a healthy digestion leads to healthy skin. Eat plenty of whole grain foods and cereals and at least five pieces of fruits and vegetables each day. Try adding ground linseeds (see Essential Fatty Acids below) to your cereal or salads to give you extra fibre plus a comprehensive source of organic and naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids, Omega 3 fatty acids and Lignan - plant nutrients, which speed up the Omega 3 absorption and conversion in the body.

Saturated fat - some people with acne have been found to have problems digesting saturated fat (animal fat and dairy products), which along with fried foods increase the likelihood of blocked pores. It may be beneficial to cut out dairy products for 6-8 weeks to see if there is any improvement. To ensure the nutritional balance of your diet consume alternative non-dairy products such as those detailed below. Either way if you are consuming dairy products ensure that they are organic, because non-organic dairy produce is likely to contain hormones and steroids.

A low-salt, calcium-rich diet can help control outbreaks. Non-dairy sources of calcium are green leafy vegetables, broccoli, tofu, apricots and shellfish. Both tofu and soy are also rich sources of phytoestrogens - substances that can naturally help rebalance the hormones in both sexes, so eating organic sources of these foods at least three times a week will also help.

Sulphur-rich foods such as organic eggs, onions and garlic can also be helpful. People with acne are often found to be deficient in potassium so aim to increase your intake of potassium-rich foods such as watercress, cabbage, celery, parsley, courgettes, cauliflower, pumpkin, molasses and bananas.

Sugar and refined carbohydrates (white flour, white bread, white rice etc) stimulate your body to produce more insulin, therefore more hormones and more sebum (oil). Therefore try to avoid all sugar, animal fats, yeast, caffeine and alcohol - this includes butter, biscuits, cakes, cheese, chocolate, cocoa, cream, eggs, fat, meat, fried and processed foods, hot and spicy foods, wheat, margarine, and soft drinks.

Liver Detox - the liver is the organ in your body that helps to get rid of excess hormones and toxins, so a 'liver detox' can be very helpful. Have a hot drink of water (or herbal tea)Â with fresh lemon every morning as you rise, and consume plenty of raw foods and fresh fruit and vegetables. Include fresh juices in your daily diet, particularly ginger and garlic juiced with carrot and beetroot, celery, apple, lemon or lime. You may like to consider looking for books with recipes designed specifically to cleanse the liver. See below for liver detox supplements.

Antibiotics - if you have taken antibiotics for a prolonged period of time, in fact if you have taken them at all, it would be very advisable to take a good probiotic (see below) to replace the friendly bacteria in the gut, which antibiotics destroy. Probiotics also help to rid the body of toxins.

Age - if you are suffering from acne, are female and in your late 20's or 30's it is possible that the cause may be Polycystic Ovaries. Other symptoms of this common condition are excess facial or body hair, weight gain and the inability to lose weight normally. If you suspect this might be the case then see your doctor and ask for a blood test to check your hormone levels. Ensure that your doctor asks when your last period was to validate the test. Again conventional 'treatment' for this is the contraceptive pill, but this merely blocks the symptoms so before agreeing to this consider seeing a qualified naturopath or nutritionist to help you address the problem naturally. Acupuncture is also very beneficial for this condition to help get your body back into balance - see Complementary Health for registered practitioners.


N.B. Children's dosages: unless stated otherwise products that are not specifically for children are safe to give in an age-appropriate dose; for children over 17 give the adult dose; for children from 12 to 17 give three-quarters of the adult dose; for children from 6 to 12 years give half the adult dose.

Detox - this is an important starting point for combating acne. Consider the 'Liver Detox' supplement program and balancing your body's pH with 'Alka-Clear'. Alternatively take liquid herbal supports 'Livertone' or 'Milk Thistle Complex' for three months. Perhaps the most comprehensive detoxifying supplement for acne however is the 'Anti-A Formula'. This contains a potent blend of herbs designed to reduce toxins in the blood, and help to restore normal glandular systems. It includes chlorophyll to cleanse the blood, burdock, echinacea, dandelion and sarsaparilla to help detoxify, sassafras to stimulate liver function, chickweed to help break down fats and Brazilian Ginseng to rebalance hormones and detoxify cells - see Cleansing Detox & Fibre for all these supplements.

Probiotics - these help replace good bacteria in the gut and many skin complaints are connected to problems in the gut. Probiotics also help rid the body of toxins, so a 4-6 week course of a probiotic can be very beneficial - see Probiotics. If you have been taking antibiotics a course of a probiotic is very important.

N.B All the probiotics available are formulated in a base of fructo-oligosaccharides (F.O.S) - the substrate on which healthy bacteria feed.

Essential Fatty Acids - these are extremely beneficial for skin disorders and also help to rebalance hormones. Choose a pharmaceutical grade fish oil such as 'MorEPA' or 'Lemon Fish Oil', or the organic 'Flaxseed Oil Complex' if you are vegetarian. Supplement this with 'Starflower Oil'(Borage Oil) which is high in the fatty acid GLA and is also important for skin health and hormone balance. It is important to allow at least three months for proper absorption and therefore to see a difference - see Essential Fatty Acids.

NB. All recommended fish oil supplements have much higher and therefore more beneficial levels of EPA and DHA than most high street brands, are guaranteed to be free from contaminants such as heavy metals and PCBs or dioxins, and are exceptionally stable guaranteeing freshness and no fishy smell or aftertaste.

Colloidal Silver - this is a suspension of the element silver in water, and is a natural and powerful antibiotic (also anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic) with no side effects. Spray directly onto the affected areas twice daily - see Colloidal Minerals. For more information on Colloidal Silver read 'The Colloidal Silver Report' - see Books.

Specific Skin Formula - 'Ultra Skin Plus' contains glucosamine (from fish) and MSM (both vital for healthy skin) as well as therapeutic levels of vitamins A, B, C, E & zinc, important for skin health. Vegetarians can use the 'Ultra Skin' formula with the option of adding vegetarian 'MSM' separately - see Skin Hair & Nails for all these supplements.

If you are pregnant see For Pregnancy for prenatal formulas.

Once your skin has improved consider taking a good multi-vitamin to continue to nourish your skin and for long-term health and wellbeing - see Multi-Vitamins. If you are looking for a multi-vitamin specifically for teenagers from twelve years of age upwards see Multi-Vitamins for Babies & Children.


Zinc - zinc helps to heal skin tissue, prevent scarring and boosts the immune system. Adults take 50-100mg of zinc a day - see Minerals. Please note the Ultra Skin supplements (as above) contain 50mg of zinc already.

NB. Do not exceed 100mg of zinc a day. Avoid taking zinc at the same time as consuming citrus fruits or juices - they reduce its effectiveness.

Vitamin B complex - B vitamins are important for healthy skin, proper circulation and reducing stress. If your acne is a symptom of stress these vitamins are particularly important. Adults take one sustained release Mega B-150 each day, or use a 50mg formula and take three times a day. Please note the Ultra Skin supplements (as above) contain 50-100mg of the main B vitamins already - see Vitamins.

Vitamin C - adults take 3000-4000mg a day in divided doses to strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation and help to produce collagen - follow Vitamins link above.

NB. All the vitamin C supplements available are buffered so as to be gentle on the stomach, and are combined with bioflavonoids for maximum effectiveness.

Herbs - for women and girls over 12 years of age the herbs Dong Quai & Agnus Castus work well together to help to rebalance hormones, and prevent pre-menstrual breakouts. Take one to three capsules each day, for at least three months - see Herbal Combinations.


Although using the correct supplements is essential when dealing with acne, it is important to use skincare products that are specifically for acne and blemish-prone skin. Each skin care product in this category is 100% natural, and is uniquely and gently formulated to help unclog pores, reduce shine, minimize scarring, discourage the progression of spots, reduce redness, improve skin tone and texture, and improve overall skin health. If your acne has cleared but you suffer from acne scars 'Rosa Mosqueta oil' can significantly reduce scarring, and has shown incredible results with many types of scars. 'Aloe Vera Gel' is also very beneficial for healing scars and can be used as an oil-free moisturiser - see Blemished & Oily Skin for all these products.


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