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Need advice on a guys quick cover-up

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I'm on accutane, its been a month and it was seeming clearer, but i broke out again and got a painful big pimple on my chin, even moving my chin hurts... I can live with that, but I have this weird "skin coloured" acne treatment thing put on it mostly to cover up (bit sais it helps, i doubt it) but I'm not sure if this is right... It does the trick kinda because there is no big huge red pimple jetting out of my chin instead a big faded looking thing on my face, but it feels like my man-hood has a taken hit. ALSO what if someone noticed? What would you think?

(is it possible that this just makes the cystic acne worse? It works on smaller ones but never had one of this magnitude before)

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what product are you using exactly? Usually those conceal while it heals products won't clog pores & they have SA in them, so it shouldn't be bad for you or worsen your skin unless your skin doesn't react well to SA.

And I wouldn't worry about anyone noticing, with cover-up style products as long as you don't use too much on a spot at a given time it won't be noticeable at all. I wouldn't feel as though your manhood has taken a hit either, even the butchest Hollywood action stars wear make-up/cover-up in movies. Just give the product name and what the ingredients on it are and someone will probably be able to help you more. It could help gradually with a cystic pimple, but I'm afraid time is usually the only thing that will truly help the cystic variety :(

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