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natural cleansers and moisturizers made from food?

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Hey everyone,

I heard that the best on skin products are made from food products.

I was wondering if anyone know of a book or website that has recipes made from food products (such as fruits, oils, etc) that are successfull in cleaning and moisturizing the skin on the face and body? Also maybe even soaps and shampoos?

Also, does anybody have experiences with this?

I am already eating a healthy diet full of fruits, veggies, cod liver oil, potatoes, rice, squash, whole grains and fish. But now I want to replace my cleanser and moisturizer to more natural home made products.

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Great site, used it many times - scroll to the bottom for:

* Cucumber-Honey Toner

* Gentle Facial Cleanser

* Yogurt Walnut Scrub

* Body Scrub

* Oat and Brown Sugar Scrub

* Carrot Top Facial Mask (normal - oily skin)

* Apple Zinger Facial Mask (oily skin that is acne prone)

* Sweet Strawberry Face (oily skin)

* Banana Supreme Facial (dry skin)

* Just Peachy Facial (normal skin)

* Bay Clay Facial Mask (acne prone)

* Banana Bread Masque

* Homemade Facial Mask Recipes

* Skincare From Your Fridge

* A Herbal Facial Steam

* How To Make Different Natural Beauty Masks

* Making Natural Beauty Masks

* Facial Scrubs & Masks

* Make Your Own Brown Sugar Body Scrub

* Rose Skin Toner

* Soft Skin Lotion

* Make an Easy Lotion For Your Skin

* Yin and Yang Honey Whip Facial

* A Closer Look At Facial Masks

* Aloha Honey Hawaiian Delight

* Rosemary Honey Sorbet Facial Mask

* How to Make Homemade Natural Skin Brightening Toner

* Tune Up Your Skin With Toner

Food for Skin

* Feed Your Skin...and Water It Too!

* Beauty and Raw Food

* Can Good Eating Save Your Skin?

* Rawsome Beauty: Luck of the Draw or Within Reach of All?

* What Diet Your Skin Needs: Find Out!

* Using Royal Jelly For Skin Care

* Tomato - Very Useful For Skin Care

* Beauty and Goji Berries

* Honey You're A Natural Beauty

* Oatmeal: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

* Beauty Treatments Using Honey

* Olive Oil In Your Beauty Routine?

* Honey's A Sweet Treat for Skin

* Lemon Juice Comes with a Beauty Bonus Too

* What Are The Best Ingredients For Skin Care?

* What You Eat Can Protect Your Skin from the Sun

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Replacing all the products youve got is probably the best thing you can do. I have done the same and now I am clear.

Ive notcied that I don't even need to "wash" my face with anything besides water.

Here are some things which work well for acne and red marks:


Olive oil


Diluted apple cider vinegar

Diluted tea tree oil

Crushed ibuprofen (paste)

Crushed aspirin (paste)

Baking soda as a scrub

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I started washing my face with honey + sugar diluted with water, then tone with apple cider vinegar diluted with water. Has anybody else tried this technique with success? I am sick of using products.

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Just remember that many recipes are unnecessarily complicated. You can do most of your cleansing with plain water. You can use just about any oil, olive for example for cleansing although combining it with a small amount of castor oil makes it work better.

You can soothe irritated skin with plain aloe vera or stir in a few things. I mix it with a little jojoba, a green tea capsule and a niacinimide capsule and use it for my main moisturizer.

You can apply plain yogurt as a lactic acid (an AHA) mask.

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