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Differin or Retinoid

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Hey guys, i was just wondering if i could get some advice on my current problem. I have been on mynocicline for about 3 months, its worked pretty well. However i have a bunch of red dots still. I have been using stievemacyn gel (retinoid) for a month then i got off it. Recently i started using it again and it has helped, but at same time dries the skin. Overall i think its just not a perfect product.

So thinking that something else might be better i just got a prescription for DIFFERIN. However from what im gathering it virtually does the same thing, and to top it all off it will take my skin at least another month to adjust to it. SO do you guys think it would be better for me to just continue using stievemacyn gel (retinoid) which actually started to help. Or decide to take Differin. Ideally both the products are problematic for my extremely sensitive skin. But retoid was still working fairly well.

Also regarding the difference between the products. I was wondering if anybody could explain this to me. From what i gathered they are almost the same thing.


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Honestly,I would give the Differin a try.It was the first thing I was ever Prescibed for my acne and it worked great for while.It's one of the lighter retinoids (retin-a and tazorac are way harsher) so alot of people dont seem to have too many bad effects from it.

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