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i realize there can be a number of different diagnoses for red marks on the skin, but i was wondering if anyone could help me.

i had severe acne about 2 years ago, and then i was put on accutane, and my skin cleared up in about 4-5 months; i've had clear skin since april of '07. i still have scars right under my cheekbones and along my jawline, but nothing to get all worked up over. after taking accutane, i noticed that i started to get this bright, red dot right on the top of my nose where it meets my right eye, and a fairly light red dot on my right nostril. they're about the size of a pinhead and stand out on my fair/thinned skin. now, i've looked up countless websites and diagnoses, and still haven't been able to pinpoint just exactly what is on my face. my friend had a similar issue right below her eye, and she told me it looked like a broken capillary, and that i should probably just get a laser treatment to remove it, but there's always that possibly of it coming back. i was wondering if there is any kind of home remedy for this type of mark, and if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. the red dots on my nose have been there for over a year now, and it's starting to get really bothersome, because i cannot cover them with makeup at all (since the mark goes much deeper than the surface). i don't want to step into the derm's office without knowing if there is some cheaper alternative to lessen the redness. it's becoming extremely distracting, and i just want to get rid of it!

another friend of mine told me that there are certain vitamins i can take and that eating raw cocao beans are said to help reduce the appearance, but they're also very expensive.

does anyone have any advice? should i just get a laser treatment, and if so, how much will it (typically) cost me?

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Just try an acid peel on it before you spend money for laser surgery.

Look into the 'TCA cross method'. I think that would help you...and can also help you with your scars if you want to get rid of them.

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