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Acne related question about skin

hey guys. I'm new but i have a question. i usually use Dove Beauty Body Wash for my skin and proactiv for my face. but i noticed that after i started using bar soap when my Dove ran out, acne started to appear around the chest area. because of this, i went back to the Dove Beauty Body and my chest went back to being clear. I had mild/moderate acne on my face even after months with proactiv, so i switched to using Clean and Clear Deep Cleanser and applying Neutragena Rapid Clear Face Lotion which uses Salicylic Acid for the past couple of days. it actually did get a little better than when i was using proactiv, but i can't help to wonder what would happen if i washed my face with the Dove beauty Body wash. Does anyone know if it would actually help clear up?

THanks for reading my post and for the help, and sorry if this is in the wrong spot, im still new to this.

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Sorry that i'm so late with this reply, I just joined yesterday and was looking through the message boards when I found this.

I know that body soap is specifically made for your body and contains ingredients that zap up oils, and this can be harmful for your face because your skin contains natural oil that keeps your face healthy. If you used enough lotion to replenish what oil you lost it's possible to use the dove soap on your face, but I wouldn't recommend it. Face cleansers are made separate from body soap for a reason.

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