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Are these whiteheads?

Hello, I am currently on Accutane. I decided to do so after suffering from inflammatory acne for 2 years. I'm on my 18th day and taking 40mg every day for the first month. Thankfully, my skin is already starting to clear up after a short initial breakout. As my skin has started clearing, though, another problem I have had for quite a while has become more noticeable. These small bumps that are most prevalent on my cheeks appear to be whiteheads. But when I squeeze them, a very thin, curling and stringy substance comes out. And I do not have to squeeze hard at all - they come out almost effortlessly. I would squeeze them all out, but the whole of both my cheeks is covered with it. And as for how they look aside from being small bumps, they have no color or pus at a head. They are only visible because they distort the texture of my skin.

I ask if they are whiteheads because I am not sure if normal whiteheads produce the same kind of material when extracted. I hope that Accutane can solve this problem, but I sort of doubt this - they are so widespread and stagnant that something else may be required to remove all of them. It bothers me because the fact that these pores are blocked. Further acne may be resulting from this.

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i have this too, it is one of the main things on my skin and i think where the actual spots come from...does anyone have advice??

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I've looked for any similar stories on google but none have been helpful. I think that if people were having this problem, they would have described the nature of the "pus" that comes out of these bumps. But none do describe it like this - stringy, thin, and long.

It looks identical like this, when the stringy stuff first comes out:

A lesser amount of stuff is extracted for each bump and it is much easier to extract than shown in the video.

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