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Anti-Candida Regimen Log 2009

So this will be my new log of my new regimen to overcome my candida problem which is what is causing my acne along with other series of issues.

Healingnaturallybybee.com will be where I will be getting all my information from.

My diet shall consist of the usual anti-candida food.

High protein, high healthy fats, minimal carbs.

My intake ratio should consist of:

78 grams of protein

195-273 grams of fat

62 grams of carbs daily

*still confused about this and need clarification on how to apply;

will eat by estimate upon further assurance

Essential Supplements Intake:









Anti-fungals(upon further tolerance):



Pro-biotics (upon die-off symptoms subside):


Digestive Aids:



I am looking to incorporate such elements into an overall diet consisting of the follwing meals.


-Green Smoothie- cucumber, avocadoes, lettuce, spinach, mint, stevia, cinnamon, lemon juice, EVOO, coconut oil

-Boiled Eggs/and or

-Egg Drink-*see Bee


-Boiled Chicken Breast

-Green Smoothie


-Boiled Chicken Breast

-Green Smoothie

*turkey/beef added upon affordibilty

So this is pretty much a general idea of my new regimen,

I still have a lot of information to add,

and a lot of changes and modifications will be made over time.

I have to say I am very excited to rid myself of this candida and

move forward with my life as the most healthy I have ever been.

Feel free to add give feedback:

any help is much needed and appreciated if you have any experience using a similiar regimen

in overcoming candida.


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How did you figure out that candida was your problem?

I'm still trying to understand it all, and see if that's possibly my problem as well.

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How did you figure out that candida was your problem?

I'm still trying to understand it all, and see if that's possibly my problem as well.


I'm telling you this one's the savior right here.

All you need to know in basically one site.

Looks like you have a lot of reading and learning ahead of you such as myself.

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Hey, how goes it? I got a couple of suggestions.

1. in order to get the reccomended ratios, your chicken breasts should probably be thighs or legs etc. The fat of the animal is where all the important fat-soluble vitamins and healthy lipids are. Remember that saturated fat makes up about 50% of most of your body cells and close to 100% of your lung cells. Getting over the fear of fat is a big step in this program, but picking the fattiest cuts of meat/poultry etc will be a good step.

2. take small steps, especially w/ the coconut oil. I see that you mentioned waiting on the antifungals and probioticswhich is a very good idea. Most people I talk to who start this program, will not be persuaded that less is more in the beginning. Your body needs time to utilize all the nutrients and detoxing this program puts you through, and if you go too fast (killing off candida too fast or trying to process too many toxins at once) it will only hinder your overall progress

3. For the caloric ratios, they aren't super-strict. This amount of protein recommended is enough to fill your amino acid needs for the day, while much more will end up being converted to glucose and raising insulin levels etc.- I eat some protein with each meal, and it ends up somewhere around my daily recommendation. Fat has a wide range because these are the discretionary foods- if you feel you're eating too much or too little, lower or raise healthy fats. Carbs, not being essential to the body are set low, but not so low that you must go into ketosis. Bee and others talk about zero-carb on the boards (The Bear, the Inuits, the Masai) which is completely fine and healthy too. So anywhere between zero and the recommendation is good. Eat mostly well-cooked veges to fill your carb ratio, as raw are very hard to digest (especially for those with candida) until you are better.

4. Saying this, you should probably stop the smoothies. at least until you and your digestion are better. I used to take the green-smoothie too, but it never helped seeing as I couldn't digest it and it just went to feed the candida. If you want Bee's opinion (same as mine), just type in smoothie or juicing etc into the boards. Steam broccoli, peppers, cauliflower- fry onions and other veggies etc that have high nutrients and low carbs.

5. When you say sodium-chloride sea salt, it is kind of confusing. Sodium-chloride, which is table salt or any refined salt, is poison to the body. Whole, unrefined sea salt (celtic, himalayan etc.) is very good for you and has over 60 different minerals- make sure you use that kind. Sample good salt

6. You need 20,000iu more A on top of the cod liver oil and 50 mg "true" niacin like from natural factors. Not niacinamide etc. The "flush" is healthy and helps to release toxins from the skin.

7. For digestion, you only need HCL or kimchi/kraut. I use hcl unless i have my homemade sauerkraut with that meal. Also make sure it is homemade , or otherwise from a reliable unpasteurized source.

8. The other detoxification methods really do help the whole process and minimize negative die-off/healing reactions.

-Another person off the top of my head who has gotten great results from this program is Brenton B (spelling?) and he may be of help too. Have you checked out the boards or the success stories also? good stuff... Power 2 ya!

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Thanks a lot Ryudo ur the best, ;)

Okay so here I go:

1.So you think I should opt for the thighs and legs?

I had a feeling I was getting too much protein from breasts alone being that I never felt completely satisfied.

What about beef? What would be the fattiest cut to buy?

I don't mind doing these being that these proteins are actually cheaper and I would save some money, unless I have to buy organic and free-range.

2.I am completely aware and under the understanding of taking thinks slow with the coconut oil. I am completely okay with holding off probiotics and anti-fungals until months from now having less supplement intake to worry about until the time being.

3. As far as calorie ratios I tried calculating everything out on Fitday.com but I'm still completely oblivious. How do I know if I am consuming too much or too little healthy fats or if I am consuming too much protein to the point where I am raising insulin levels? How do I prevent this?

4. So even though the green smoothies are blended they still hinder digestion?

I was not aware of this.... I figured since they were more of a drink this wouldn't be a problem.

how do you know if this is a problem that eventually still feeds into candida?

How long do you think it will take for me to have these again?

It's a shame.... because I have been relying on theses smoothies as a main part of my diet recently. But I'm open to change to steamed veggies.

5. Yes I did mean whole unrefined sea salt sorry if I sound confusing.

6. I will be sure to follow this.

7.I'm still confused about the whole HCl intake so I think kimchee will be easier for me.

I've seen some at my local supermarket and will look into to see if it is a reliable brand.

What are some things that I should look for when reading the labels?

8. I'll definitely have to look into these methods some more....

So yea sorry if you feel that I am bombarding you with all these questions.

I have recently joined Bee's group, but it doesn't quite work as fast as this.

Do you still keep in contact with Brandon B? I'll definitely look him up on the boards.

Thanks again! :D

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1. Here's a tip. I use nutritiondata.com just cause I'm used to it. For a few days I would record everything I ate (I go overboard and record everything everyday!!), then look up each item on this site, and add all the fat/carbs/protein to see how I compare to recommendations. You can type each of the foods that you normally eat in a word processor with the corresponding amount of nutrients next to them. For example, I have

Egg drink=18(pro)/70(fat)/5(carbs)

6oz NY strip from Stew Leonards=34/74/0


-The program works without organic/free-range, it's just faster cuz there's less toxins to filter and less antibiotics to kill of friendly bacteria. The most important and easy to obtain that I get organic are eggs, coconut oil and butter. Most of my meat and veggies are normal store-bought.

3.Don't worry too much about excess protein unless you think you are very insulin resistant. Otherwise, just find out how much you normally eat in a day using nutritiondata or fitday etc, then just eat a little more or less to stay close to your recommendation. All fat in eggs, butter, clo, olive oil, coconut oil, meats, fish, poultry and other natural fats count towards total intake.

4.Yes, Bee just covered this recently. The blending nor chewing breaks apart the cellulose fibers that the body can't digest, but cooking does- this makes the nutrients better available for absorption, which would otherwise pass through with the cellulose.

-I normally just steam a few days worth of broccoli and occasionaly other veggies and eat a serving or two a day. I have the eggdrink twice a day, so it only leaves one meal I really have to fuss about. I eat homemade sauerkraut, fried onions etc, but if you want more ideas, check the recipes for veggies on the site (go to site map and scroll down to recipes). There might be variations of the smoothie, but remember that the site also includes recipes for those without candida, so make sure they don't say so.

-When your candida is under control and your digestion is built up, although some here and there is ok-Bee can be more specific...

7. The supermarket Kimchi is almost definitely not good. It must be raw and unpasteurized, or else all the good bacteria and many nutrients are destroyed. It also can't contain added sugars, vinegar etc. You'd be better off without it if you cant get this type. I use this jug to make sauerkraut (or kimchi) myself. It's the cheapest one out there at $25, but I realize this may be a big step(even though it's easy)- so maybe get it later when you're more accustomed to everything else. It's worth it since one batch would cost like $60-$70 bucks from a healthfood store.

-No prob. As you can see I answer pretty thoroughly and when I answer other's questions they think it is too much/hard because they haven't already researched the actual program. If you know all the basics, then my answers aren't all that extreme. Glad to help!

-yeah, I'm Brandon actually, lol! Brenton B is a current poster, though.

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1. I just registered. Good advice.

4. I'm thinking of just steaming vegetables in a crock pot and having them for dinner like you said.

How long do you steam them for and up to how long are they still good if you store the leftovers in the fridge for later meals in the week?

-So how long does it take for you candida to be be under control and digestion to be built up generally?

7.So since the supermarket kimchee is more than likely a no. I'm going to try out that maker you posted it looks awesome......do you know if you can make cabbage rejuvelac with it as well?

so i can use as a probiotic later in the treatment?

Do you think I should use HCL in the meantime or just hold off until I'm more accustomed to the rest of the regimen like you suggested?

You do get the same results with kimchee as u would with HCL pill right?

So most likely my diet will look like this now:


Egg Drink


Chicken legs/thighs


Beef strips

Steamed veggies

*with added supplements with and or in between

Do you get the same results from the egg drink as you would the electrolyte drink?

Or is best to have both separately?

Interesting the more I look into to it the more easy this is looking out to be....

Thanks for the enlightenment. :dance::clap:

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4. I go buy taste/feel. Broccoli, for example, turns a little darker and is soft but not too mushy-it can take from 10-20 minutes depending on heat I think.

-That is a little more complicated. Bee and other wholistic experts say approximately 1 month to every year (beginning when you are 100% on the diet and supplements) that you've been sick- whether it be candida, acne, diabetes, lyme or all of them.

7.I'm not sure- I think rejuvelac (I don't use it) is fermented in a jar? My recent batch of kraut I started yesterday I blended instead of grated, so maybe that's like rejuvelac...I use sauerkraut and Jigsaw Essentials Probiotic.

-Since your digestion is probably bad, I would advise it immediately so that you are not wasting all the good food and supplements. Follow the guide to taking it and it will tell you how bad your digestion is. If you need 6 per meal, your digestion is obviously worse than if you need 2...

-Yes, Kimchee or Sauerkraut will both help digestion. In my opinion it's better (but less convenient) because it is more natural and has many extra nutrients and probiotics.

-I find the taste of the eggdrink much better with a little less that half a teaspoon of c-salt, and I add salt to my other foods. So I use very liittle in my drinks. Here and there I'll drink some fresh-squeezed lemonade just for the lemons benefits.

*Diet looks pretty good. Just add it up once in a while to make sure your getting the recommended amounts of carb/fat/protein and adjust accordingly if not. Obviously you can change it up to keep it fresh. You can eat pretty much any meat like buffalo and duck, low-starch veggies, other fats like palm oil and lard. Be adventurous!

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7. So do you know since I have been suffering for 6 years do you really think it will take 6 months b4 I can start having green smoothies again?

-Okay so what do you think I should take seriously since I can have either or HCL or kimchee?

I'd rather kimchee if it is more effective and I would think it would be cheaper than buying supplements, I don't mind the preparation for the sake of convenience.

I wouldn't have the slightest idea of what brand of HCL to buy or use anyway. Is it expenisive?

-So since I'm supposed to hold off on probiotics until my die-off subsides do I just take the kimchee without the probiotics until then?

Wow, it's seem like you got it all down Ryudo. :D

How long have you been on the program?

I'm assuming your candida levels are regulated by now?

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Yeh im interested in how everything is going as well? How much of a difference was it when you stopped the green smoothies?

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I'm still taking my time adjusting to all new supplements and diet.

probably won't be until another month for me to be completely started on the program.

i'm having a little difficulties getting all of the things I need for the regimen online. once i'm fully started i'll update on my status with progress and results.

if u r interested in the regimen u really should check out the site and the support group 4 yourself. :D

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I use vitacost to get most of my supplements if that helps....

is that were u get ur hcl supplements?

where do u get ur cod liver, fish, and choconut oil from?

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I use vitacost to get most of my supplements if that helps....

is that were u get ur hcl supplements?

where do u get ur cod liver, fish, and choconut oil from?

Yeah, I get Garden of Life clo and twinlab hcl w/pepsin. They have a good price on coconut oil, but I think I usually buy like 4 or 5 from a cheaper place on amazon.

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Hey how is your diet going? I myself started anti-candida diet a week ago, right now I'm finding it tough to consume a proper number of calories. I need to be taking in at least 3000 calories a day because I also weight lift, any tips?

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How's your diet going? I started taking anti-fungals and will be starting on more anti-fungals and probiotics pretty soon. Just wondering, do you know approximately how long it usually takes to get candida handled? I was on antibiotics for about 5 years and I can remember everytime I stopped, my acne got so much worse, so I am on my way to clearing out all the excess candida in my system.

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How long does it usually take to cure candida? Is your acne getting better?

A month for every year of your overgrowth so for me its 17 months pretty much,

It's not completely gone but it's getting there. It's definitely the best results I have ever had.

The only thing keeping me clear about now is me at this point.

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Hey! Just found your log. I've been meaning to do the anti-candida diet for a couple months, ever since my acne flared up badly, but never got around to it because of a) school and b) it's hard. I've been on antibiotics before and now have worse flare-ups than I've ever had in my life, so I *suspect* it's candida... how did you figure out you had an overgrowth? Did you just go by a hunch or is there any way to know for sure?

I know yeast infections/thrush are a common sign of too much candida, but I oddly never get these - I would think they'd be the most obvious symptom. Could you shed some light on this? Your diet sounds very regimented, but I'm kind of thinking of just eating steaks all day, or something like that. O_O

just go to healingnaturallybybee.com all you need to know and more, trust it looks and sounds a lot more complicated than it really is.

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alas once again to be continued very very soon...............

watch and discuss..............

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