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atlantic sun

OK to use H&S and salicylic acid at the same time?

Is it okay to use Head & Shoulders (classic clean of course) and salicylic acid body wash simultaneously? Not mixed together, but say one in the morning and one at night? Or will the ingredients not react well together and screw me up even more?

I've tried just about everything for my body acne. I've been using Neutrogena salicylic body wash for years and at times it seems like I've been able to take control of the acne, but it always ends up coming back not long after. I used Head & Shoulders for a couple of weeks and it seemed like it only made things worse so I quit that and now am back on the Neutrogena wash. I've also been drinking ACV for a few months and it also seems to work only at times but once again the acne can never consistently stay away. I've even tried doing away with fabric softeners in the dryer and finishing my showers with cold water to close my pores...the acne is as bad as ever right now.

I don't know what else to try so I'm thinking maybe I'll just combine everything for a while and stick it out to see if it works. Here's what I'm thinking: (any input?)

Morning: swig of ACV and shower with Neutrogena salicylic acid body wash, followed by Dove exfoliating bar (for moisturization since salicylic acid leaves the skin dry).

Night: swig of ACV and shower with Head & Shoulders, again followed by Dove exfoliating bar.

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