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Month 2 - The cost of Accutane...

I was on 40mg a day for my first month. My second month will start on Monday ((12/29/08). It will be 60mg (three 20mg at once, 3 times a day). So, my 40mg dosage was $235/month, which is managable. I have shitty insurance, my RX is a discount card, it sucks. Off topic, I have a fucking office job and I don't get paid holidays.....

Anyway, back on topic, anybody guess how much this extra 20mg a day is costing me a month.....

Any guess.....


565 mother-fucking dollars a month........ I'm pissed at how expensive this shit is. It's working wonders on my face right now, hopefully it continues. But I cannot afford this. I have to call my derm and tell her that I just have to stick with 40mg for as long as it will take. I know the normal cycle is 6 months, but if I keep taking 40mg for a year or two, wouldn't it, in theory, have the same results as a higher dosage 6 month cycle if I just keep taking 40mg for a long, long time? Unless I win the lottery, that's my only choice. Something always goes wrong, fucking bullshit.

Ya, I'm bitter right now.......

OKAY, i'm done venting.

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WOW, that's insane. :(

I don't think doing 40mg for a year has the same effect. I remember reading about that on here but I can't remember exactly what it said...search around and you might find some info about it.

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wow thats expensive i have the same problem my ensurance is blue cross but im 18 and i think my ensurance ends at that age but i am calling my ensurance company 2marow and asking how much my blood test will b and how muuch the pills will cost i am curious y does the derm. make u take 40mg then 60mg is it like that for everyone???

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Yeah I'm on 60 mg of Sotret a day and spending about the same amount. I have Blue Cross too.

I think next time, I'm going to get mine filled at Giant Eagle, so at least I get a discount on my gas. Maybe there's something similar in your area?

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