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When I look in the mirror

I see a sad face

Sometimes manic

As if in a race

Sometimes sad

As if tragedy

Fell Upon Me

Before acne struck

I once smiled

My skin was clear

My complexion mild

Then it happened

I have not been the same

At times I thought

I would go insane

Suddenly I wonder

What kind of person I would be

Had not this acne

selected me.

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If you had no acne, would you be beautiful?

I think people are beautiful, regardless of acne. :]

Nonetheless... good post ^^

If I had no acne, I'd probably be one of them.

They, who are judgemental, shallow, and cruel. I think I would have been one of those mean girls. You know, those girls who stand around in mobs that look alike in the school hallways, gossiping and whatnot. The "forget grades, school, and listening to parents--that's LAME" type of girls :P

Thank god I'm not one of them. :D

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If I didn't ever have bad skin I might not have developed a deep compassion for others with embarassing physical flaws of any sort. And now I'm learning to be as kind and forgiving to myself like I am with others. We are our own worst judge of ourselves for sure -- and I used to call myself stupid and ugly all the time or automatically think if someone appears not to like me it was because I was ugly ... but later find out that person did want to get to know me but was "unapproachable". I guess I seemed unfriendly when I was feeling bad about myself ... so I'm working on that and try to smile more and be less of a negative person in general.

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If i never had acne I'd probably be a dooshbag, no lie..I have alot more understanding for people and i'm alot nice than i was 4 years ago...and.i've learned my lesson already, but the acne hasnt stopped. :doh:

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I probaly would not have ever appreciated "good skin days" because I would have expected my skin to always look good.

So now, when I have good skin days, I'm one of the happiest people in the world.

Even if makeup does the job of making my skin look "flawless," I get extremely self conscious when I'm having a bad skin day and I have to take my makeup off before bed.

Ah, maybe in 3-5 years I'll be free from this.

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I am grateful for having acne at the same time grateful that i have it in control (most of the time). I do not think that it is just acne i think that any insecurity really humbles it owner. Sometimes (many times) i just want to go to a place that i like to call Happy Land its like my ideal imaginary world where there is peace and happiness all the time :dance: . I am grateful for my previous (and current)insecurities because now i know what it feels like to not be all that confident and therefore i never ever bring others down in anyway (ok only to people that REALLY irritate me and that has been only 3 people in my entire 18 years). The only downside to being nice is that sometimes boys take it as i like them and i do not it is just my nature to be nice. I also detest people who bring others down and what do you know my brother is one of them(he is 1 of the 3 people mentioned above). This one boy i knew when i was in 6-10 grade was sooooo nice to everyone and he was attrative and had nice skin and perfect white teeth and i always used to wonder why(cause not many boys were like him)? I found the answer when i saw a picture of him when he was younger. He used to be chubby and i guess therefore he was insecure and so he knows what it feels like. He was(i hope still is) so kind. As for the people who tease or bully other people there is no way to reason with them just as with people that are judgemental in any way. I just tell myself its too bad they r so ignorant (ignorant because they judge without knowing). Anyways yes i am grateful for having any insecurities cause it humbles me. As for what i would be like without acne? Probably Very different because I let it affect me soo much but thats just cause i LET it affect me. :naughty:

Edit: Damn i talk(type) too much :silenced:

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I would be tons more confident, that's for sure.

There've been times where I just wanted to give up.

But I'm sure if I never had the experience with acne, I'd be totally judgmental and stuff. I probably wouldn't understand people as much.

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