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John Nowak

Completely clear (really!) with new regimin after two months

I previously had moderate acne.. about 20-30 blemishes at any given time, especially with my forehead. I tried Retin-A, Dan's regimen, Botclha's, etc. The first two did nothing. Botchla's worked a bit, but the menthol irritated my face, and the washes bleached my hair (I have long hair). The scrub irritated it too.. but at least I got about half of it cleared up.

Here's my current regimen. It's perfect for my face. No moisturizer needed (and I always needed it under Dan's). The skin exfoliates very naturally, so I never get any buildup of dead skin that I need a scrub for. It's perfect.

Here it is:


- Take a nice hot shower

- While in the shower, wash with a mild cleanser (I used the Purpose pump-cleanser, not the bar soap, which I found to be more drying).

- After you dry off, use the Clean and Clear Salicylic Acid Gel. It's 100% clear, and actually moisturizes a bit, so if you have any flaky skin it takes care of it. It's great.

Before bed:

- Wash face in warm water with cleanser, rinse -very well-. (Leaving any of the cleanser on your face leads to dying.)

- Apply Zapzyt 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Gel. It's a gel, so it goes on very smoothly and evenly (unlike creams like on-the-spot). The 10% works GREAT on big problem areas like my forehead. For places where you rarely get acne, just do a very thin layer. The gel distributes evenly, so if you only use a little it works just like a 2.5%. Trust me, this product works very well, and isn't very drying... in fact it seems less so than on the spot. I got it at Walgreens, but any 10% Benzoyl Peroxide GEL will do fine.

I went from pretty bad acne to perfectly clear in 2 months. In the past month, a lot of the redness has faded away too. I went from the worst skin in my college (its Greenwich village, everyone is gorgeous) to having average skin. It's fantastic. I swear, this really worked -perfectly- for me. The girlfriend is very happy. ;-)

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sounds like ur just doing a spin off of Botchla's regimen... Im glad its working for you!

I also have moderate acne, its starting to slowly clear up with my regimen (Tea Tree Oil Cleanser, Vinegar as Toner, Aloe Vera Gel Moisturizer and Niacinimade Gel at night)...

Im very afraid of using S acid though... the CC blackhead scrub. I once used an OXY pad and it made my acne spread and breakout... it was bad. I know BP is effective though...

Sounds like a good regimen though

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It's similar in that its salicylic and BP. It's different in that its much less abrasive, and the BP stays on all night and the SA stays on during the day. And it won't make your hair blonde! :-)

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It's great. They make a SA gel with aloe and other stuff in it too, but they don't have it around here. I like the C&C though so I won't try switching. No reason to mess up a good thing.

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