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I just joined Acne.org about two hours ago. I am glad I did because I feel like people will understand me here. I was wondering about Dan's regimen. I have thoroughly checked out his site, and I'm thinking about starting the regimen. I looked through almost everything and I hardly see any negative feedback, but the negative feedback I do see..is pretty bad.

I am just wondering if I should start the regimen or not.

I don't have severe acne, but I do have light-ish acne that I have a hard time getting rid of. I am only 17 years old, and I just want a solution to getting rid of it. I know its not permanent, but I eventually came to this after looking for reviews to products that I have bought. Alot of people believe in this system, and that it has worked for them.

I'm thinking about starting it (if I do) not using his products, instead I am going to use the ones he recommends from the stores. My parents don't think that my acne is that bad, and that I will grow out of it, so they refuse to buy me anything off of the internet. So basically I am in this alone.

Thanks, vampireninja09

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I am 18 and started the regimen about a week in a half ago...because, honestly, although I didn't have severe acne...it's bad enough to get down about. I was totally lost for answers, and have tried alot of things...and I have had clear skin before, even for years, but it just loves coming back. So, I took a chance, also read alot on the website...and bought all the store ingredients. I can't say I see alot of improvement, since it's only been a week and a few days, but there seems to be something that is making me stick to it! Some blemishs that were super deep have come up, and it seems that it is trying to get rid of all of it, so its going kinda bad...but big ones go away in a few days!

I definitely would try it...you have nothing to lose, and I have so much hope that I will see results in about a month...praying. Because I go back to university in about 2 weeks! So...try it!

Good Luck!

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My parents didn't think my acne was bad also when I started as well even though it was killing me inside 3 years ago. But if its affecting your self-esteem and its on your mind constantly I would start because any negative effects (time and money are the only ones i see) are worth the stress, anxiety, worry. Though you prob will find other things to dwell on once your face clears up, the regimen is worth it.

You can start twice a day and when you clear you can try tapering off to once a day.. itll save time and still keep you clear (at least in my experience, and I had light/moderate acne).

Your skin will look smoother, pores will be smaller, and eventually you will be 100% clear. Just make sure you find the right products (Dans Cleanser and BP are amazing). I've never tried the moisturizer but Cetaphil is the only one which is able to hydrate my face and works great. I started with Neutrogena on the Spot and Cetaphil bar cleanser. The bar is a bit more drying than Dan's stuff and can leaves flakiness but is a good substitute.

Good luck.

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thanks a lot ckay and supernothing,

I am glad that im not in this alone.

after I wrote this, i considered calling my grandma and asking her if she would help buy me dan's things off the website. I still haven't asked her, but im considering it, I think my results would be better, and maybe I wouldn't have to worry so much about flakiness and such (i'm guessing here). I just think dan's things would be better fit for the regimen.

supernothing, yeah, I get what you mean. when you have acne its hard to be social, and have people look at you. Especially, if you have things on your face you can't be confident like you want to be. At least that's how I feel right now anyways. I am hoping this works though. I pretty much tired everything down to toothpaste.

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From your situation, I believe it probably will work. Sounds a lot like me 2 years ago and it works for me. However, I think the bigger question is if it's worth it.

If you start the DKR, there's a possible chance you might become dependent. This hasn't really been proven true or false but it is a major downside of using topicals like BP on your face. If your acne isn't really that bad, and you think you could get through a rough few years mentally, then I say treat your acne naturally. Even if BP doesn't actually become dependent, getting clear naturally becomes a much faster process when you don't add any chemicals.

If asking your grandma doesn't work out, try talking to your parents more deeper about it. Tell them how your acne makes you feel like crap all the time and that it's sucking your precious teenage years away from you.

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I have to agree with every one else. I have had acne since I was 10 and I am now 20. There have been plenty of times where I haven't wanted to go somewhere because I didn't want anyone to see my face. Since I wear makeup people usually couldn't tell most of the time, until my skin got much worse and became more cystic about a year ago. But still, I love camping and that kind of stuff but I never want to go away with my friends or boyfriend because I don't like when they see me without makeup. I pay for all of my skin related things too which really adds up. I had a similar problem with my mom because she didn't realize how bad my acne was and she didn't realize how much confidence it was taking away. So, I kept trying things from the drug store which didn't work before I went back to the derm. Definitely talk to your parents and tell them how much it is affecting your life. Also, the Neutrogena On the Spot cream is like $6 for .75 ounces and Dan's is $16 for 8 ounces. I don't think the Neutrogena would last me even a week, plus it turns all white and drove me crazy before I ordered Dan's. So even if your parents won't pay for it, I would ask them if they would order it and you could pay them back.

At this moment, my face is completely clear which is very exciting! I still have a lot of hyperpigmentation to deal with though which sucks - but at least there are no pimples. I have been on the DKR since Dec. 4. At first it really dried everything up which was really nice. Then I had a small break which I could deal with. Then I used the AHA too early and it made me break out kinda bad for a few days. That has been cleared up since Monday and I haven't gotten any new pimples since - which never happens. I really think the DKR is working but I can't say that is the only thing that is helping. I also switched my antibiotic a few days after I started the DKR so I think that is starting to work too.

I am still glad I found the DKR though because after using antibiotics for a few months I always start breaking out again. I also usually don't get this clear with the antibiotics and the creams the derm gives me. So, hopefully this combination of antibiotic plus the DKR is what I need and I will eventually be able to be weened off the antibiotics. Before the DKR it seemed like I was going to be on the AB forever.

On one last note I wouldn't worry about becoming dependent on the BP. Acne is very difficult to treat and for most people does not go away completely. I have been overly persistent with the regimens that I have tried since I as 10 and nothing has ever worked before. Once you eventually find something that works for you (the DKR might very well be it) you have to stick with it and be persistent to keep it away. I am sure you would rather be applying BP to clear skin than bumpy acne skin any day! I wouldn't want to run the risk of stopping what I am doing and then start breaking out again.

I hope this helps and everything works out for you!

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Hi guys,

Dan's regime makes use of benzol peroxide as the main ingredient.

All of those off the shelf acne products contain BP, plus some gimmicks (fragrances, 'beeds', etc).

I had been doing Dan's regime on my own before I even heard about it, because I knew BP was one of the most effective acne fighters that you could get without a prescription.

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