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busmish oxychloride-bad for you??????

Is busmish oxychloride bad for you??????

bare minerals contains this, I would like to know if it's okay to wear, I heard someone say busmith oxychloride is a natural for arsenic! Is that true????????????????? :wacko:

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I don't think that bismuth oxychloride is arsenic. I've never heard that before.

However, for a lot of people with sensitive skin, bismuth oxychloride can be very irritating. If you apply Bare Minerals and your face starts to feel itchy or hot, you probably have a sensitivity to bismuth oxychloride. I know I do.

When I used that stuff, I tried to ignore the burning, itchy feeling of the bismuth because the make up looked really good. I stopped using it when it gave me cystic acne.

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According to Wikipedia, bismuth chemically resembles arsenic, but its not actually arsenic and its not toxic. I really liked Bare Minerals, but the bismuth was itching the front of my neck so I switched to Everyday Minerals. They don't contain bismuth and look just as good. Plus, they're a lot cheaper! If you're really concerned about the bismuth, I would suggest that you check them out. You can get a free sample kit for just $3 shipping. I hope this helps you.


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