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H20 Regimen

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Prelude: I've suffered from acne all my life. Ever since I discovered this regimen - I haven' had a problem again. You, too, can benefit from this regimen.

Regimen Philosophy: The key to this regimen is the belief that WATER ALONE is the very cause of acne. I have personally tested this many times. The regimen revolves around WATER alone.

What to do: You can drink milk, stay up late, become stressed, eat sugar all you want! These are minor causes, or even NON-causes of acne in this regimen.

The point of this regimen is to stay FAR AWAY from tap water AKA hard water which contains minerals and other stuff that will give you acne.

This means to let ABSOLUTELY zero drop of tap water get on your face. If you wash your hands with tap water DRY your hands completely before touching your face.

Use filtered water for everything

1) Shampooing -if you shampoo with tap water, it will get on your face causing acne.

2) Washing face

3) Drinking - don't take tap water it will cause acne from the inside.

*You can wash other parts of your body with tap water (even if it's bad for the other parts), just don't let it get on your face.

*Also stay away from mineral water.

*Drink plenty of filtered water, exercise sometimes. If possible don't stay up late, it will make you look like shit, but not necessary the main cause of acne.

AND THAT'S IT! Do whatever you neeed to do to make what's already on your face better - using BP, using anti-acne soap, using toner, pee, whitener. JUST STAY AWAY FROM TAP WATER.

I hope there are people who are willing to try this. I'm sure you'll see GREAT results. You'll never look back and live your life happily (P.S. you can masturbate all you want).

*the author is against Accutane. Use DOXY if you have inflmations.

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