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Help please.... i need some encouragement

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Hey...i dont know what to do ... i stayed home today to give my face a break from makeup as it seems i have at least 8 cyst like pimples on the right side of my face, i also have my period so i hope that accounts for some ? i dont know. my left side *knock on wood* is fine ... im not sure whats fuked up in my body that the right side looks like this. its not a good idea for me to stay home i dont think b/c i literally sit in front of my mirror for too long staring, and getting depressed. to begin with i dont think im a pretty girl at all, i've had self-esteem issues since forever and this is definately not helping. i've been on the regime for 2 weeks and things cleared up, got real dry, and now this. im sticking to it i just really need some encouragement because i cant remember ever having this , this bad on my right cheek and jaw line.

im taking pantethine, primerose oil , a multivitamin (which i might stop b/c it has 150 mcg iodine which is a no no ), "genuine health perfect skin" and this digestive enzyme b/c my stomach is really badly messed up and i cant eat without it. -- does anyone have any comments about my supplements?? - i' recently had a kidney infection and (although this isnt appropriate) i go to the washroom like 6 times a day at least, im pretty sure that aint right? ((i really enjoy the anonymity of the site hahahaha )_

can someone please remind me that this is temporary and superficial and i should just focus my energy elsewhere in a positive way :( ... for some reason i can tell this to others but wont listen myself. i go up and down constantly and i cant stick with being positive for long.

sorry about this ramble. i also wanted to say that this site is amazing. everyone on it (though no one really talks to me) seems so genuine and its just really nice to know we're kind of all in this together. as dorky as that sounds i know.

thank you.

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I know exactly how you feel. I have done the same thing for many days at a time. Sometimes I would just sit in my room and try everything and hope that it would eventually go away. I would tell myself, "maybe if I just take my third shower for the day my acne will be better tomorrow." However, I wake up the following morning, walk straight to the mirror, and the acne remains.

I am righting you this to let you know that you are not alone. Ironically, I have about 6 cysts on the right side of my face right now and I am on my 2nd week of the regimen. My face feels dry and it itches and I am doing everything I can not to focus on it. That is the one positive piece of advice I can give you. Do anything not to focus on it. If you feel up to it go for a walk or do something so that you won't be thinking about walking straight to the mirror.

Take care of yourself,


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i need some serious help still. i have strangers commenting on my acne, and on how horrible i look etc. its been awful. people are randomly giving me names of their doctors and offering me free creams etc (its horrrrrrible)

i just started this now i guess but can anyone give me some advice


spectrojel (purple one)

acv toner (not diluted..doesnt irritate my skin)

no moisturizer? my skins oily

cover fx makeup (cream or natural)



steamer machine??

acv toner

derma e clear skin moisturizer

and im going to take

chromium gtf

zinc (with copper) 15 mg 3x a day

pantethine 3x a day

and im taking acv 3 times a day and a daily detox and udo 369

please please PLEEEEEEEASE help me

i am so depressed. i have severe acne which i did to myself by over irritating, scrubbing, going to aruba, and over medicating my skin.

help me :( i hate looking at myself

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Maybe you should go to a dermatologist and seek being prescribed Accutane.

I don't know about you, but I always thought toners aggravated the crap out of my skin. I think you are supposed to moisturize even if your skin is oily, like oiliness and moisture are two different things.

Have you tried the acne.org regimen?

You should seriously consider not looking in the mirror for awhile and give yourself a break.. and don't be so hard on yourself! You'll get through this..don't let it get the best of you. Hope this helps, good luck.

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How about aloe vera gel with 5% tea tree oil, it helps with redness, irritation and can help acne.

How about aloe vera gel with 5% tea tree oil, it helps with redness, irritation and can help acne.

the derma-e thing im using has tea tree oil and a bunch of other things i think its good? theres also a tea tree antiseptic one but im not sure about that yet.


acne sucks!

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To be honest u are wasting ur time. With acne like urs u need to go to the derm and get some help. By the sounds of it u need accutane. Ths probably will be the only thing that will clear u up. I requested it and i only have mild acne and its awesome. Good luck :)

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