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How to get 100% clear withing 2 months without prescription drugs!

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Dear fellow sufferers,

this short guide will hopefully help you to get a 100% clear within about 2 months (of course some red marks will still be visible but the active acne will be gone :)) ;)

I've been lurking around on acne.org for more than a year and learned a lot by reading different approaches and checking out the product reviews. First of all please let me apologize that my english is not perfect since it's not my native language.

It was about 4 and a half years ago that I got the first acne spots on my right shoulder. At the beginning, when I was about 18, it wasn't too bad and I hoped it would eventually go away when I get older. Well, it didn't. It spread from my right shoulder to the neck and also to the chest which was terrible and embarrassing. There wasn't a single time when I could say that both my shoulders and chest were entirely clear. In the end (Spring-Summer 2008). It became so bad that I wouldn't even consider going to an indoor swimming pool or a lake.

About 3 years ago I was at the dermatologist who gave me some cremes with benzaknen but that didn't really help. Over the time I've tried plenty of different cremes, Clearsil, salicylic acid etc. Nothing really helped and those suckers kept coming no matter what I did.

In spring 2008 almost everything would break me out. Sugar, milk products (whiteheads on shoulders, face), chocolate (whiteheads on the left and right side of my neck), caffeine (face) and soy products and beans would give me deep cystic acne below my collarbone. Even the smallest amount of sugarwould make me break out. I have very sensitive skin.

In december 2007 I started to get informed what I could do about my bacne (body acne) on shoulders, chest and neck. I decided that topological stuff is not the answer to my problems because it never solves the underling problem. Acne is a sign that your body is not perfectly heathy and something is missing. I started adding supplements and taking a closer look at what I am eating and how it contributes to my acne. About 14 months later I am now a 100% (a hundred percent!) clear for the first time since more than 4 years ago! I tried different stuff which didn't work as good as other stuff.

This guide should help you to get clear in about 2 months. The final version of my regimen cleared me in about 10 days from 70% to 100% (shoulders and upper chest) so if you were already taking products like zinc, vitamin E and zinc you should see the first results after 2 weeks or even earlier.

I want to stress that I am not related to any company making money with any type of acne products. I am writing this guide because I believe that everyone's acne can be healed if you give your body a fair chance. I am in my low twenties

My guide is based on supplements available in stores without prescription. No prescription drugs or topological creams to treat acne are necessery to clear your acne. In fact, creams make it worse.

Let's start:

Here is what I did to clear my acne.

Nutrition: There are people out there saying that what you eat has no impact on your skin. They are wrong. There are foods that make you break out more than others do. It might be right that someone with a perfect skin won't break out from some foods but if you read that far, you're probably not one of those lucky few. Read carefully. This could change your life.



- sugar: All kinds of sugar, also the hidden one in beverages like coke, gatorade, mountain dew, fruit juice etc. Drink water instead.

Why sugar? Influences the hormonal balance (http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/444869/too_much_sugar_affects_sex_hormones.html)

-iodine: that means don't use table salt on your food. Stay away from all types of dairy as much as you can.

-caffeine: make me break out in the face like crazy. Don't obey the "cotains plenty of healthy antioxidants" lie from the coffee-industry. The want to to sell stuff. There are more powerful and healthier antioxidants available. like vitamin C, E etc. More below

- chocolate: Why chocolate? It contains cacao, sugar, caffeine, iodine

- fried stuff: althouh it is tasty it is important to stay away from fries and everything fried in vegetable oil as this is bad for the ratios of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. more below.

- i for myself also stay away from tomatoes, broccoli, beans, peas, all types of SOY and try to avoid ranch dressing (fat+dairy combination)

Eating habits:

- bunch eating: Don't eat too much food at once as this will drastically increase the chance of ge

- drink a lot of water. Like a gallon (little less than 4 liters) of water distributed over the day to clean your body of toxins. Don't drink too much ( a small glass is ok) while you are eating because you don't want to dilute the acid in your stomach. About 30 minutes after your finished eating have one or two big glasses of water. Your urine should be clear at all time. If not, you should increase the amount of water.

- don't touch your face/body after you ate because this will bring bacteria and oil there. You don't want that :)

Personally I eat 3 meals a day. Breakfast, lunch with big salad and dinner with big salad.

- eat enough salad. I always some carrot stripes for vitamin A in my salads

Showering habits:

- wash your hands before you take a shower. Why? There is plenty of bacteria on your hands. Very simple step but can make a big difference.

- use cold water for showers. Wash down all the dirt/sweat with cold water first. Why? because then your pores are closed and the unhealthy doesn't enter your skin

- in between you can also use warm water Warm. not hot! Never use water warmed than your body temperature as this will have a very bad influence on your skin. Gently rub your skin with your

- don't use topicals or showering cream. Why? With my guide you don't need that stuff. Of course you can use something for your hair like fructis.

- at the end: use the coldest water you can get to rinse your body (should take about 30 seconds). Be sure to rinse all acne effected areas thoroughly. Why? It calmes your skin and inflammation. Also brings more blood to the skin and make your muscles contract. You will feel like born again after this shower.

- use fresh towels: I change mine at least once a week.

- don't rub your skin too hard with the towel

- I found that head and shoulders helps me to fade acne redness faster because of the zinc in it.

General tips:

- get enough sleep.

- wash your hands a few times per day. Soap or something anti-bacterial works good.

- don't let situations makes you get stressed too much. Why? Stress is one of the main factors for acne. Be cool. Sometimes it's not possible to avoid stress. Lay on the back, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

- try to avoid bad thoughts. Thinking about how bad your skin won't get you anywhere. Be positive. You found this guide. Your life will be a lot better soon :)

I do tanning for 7 minutes every one or two weeks. I always cover my phase in that machine because too much sun is unhealthy. If you have body acne this will give you a little tan and the redness will look less worth (+ your body builds vitamin D)


The tipps above will help you to live healthier but the supplements are what will effectively stop your acne and make your skin beautiful. After some time even more beautiful than the average skin. Your pores will shrink and your skin will be beautiful. You will love it.

What you will need (remember any brand similar will do):

+ Omega 3 Fish Oil 1g soft gels: Try to get something with very high amounts of EPA and DHA (>=300mg EPA, =>200mg DHA).

Why? Omega 3s are essential fatty acids. They will reduce inflammation in your body and if you have allergies they will get less worth. Omega3s have a "sideeffect" that is pretty cool too. A big part of the brain consists of EPA and it will help your memory. Zinc also helps your brain(more about zinc below) * You can also use flax seed oil if you are a vegetarian but although flax seed oil contains omega3 it's the EPA and DHA that help the body. The body would have to convert the ALA in flax seed oil to EPA and DHA first which is not that effective in our bodies.

+ Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg: an antioxidant that is fat and water soluble. Why ALA? It not only kills toxins but also helps your cells absorb the sugar in your blood faster which means your insulin sensitivity is higher. Thanks to ALA I am now 100% clear (after 10 days of using ALA along with the other products). This product shoudl especially be taken after meals

+ Magnesium with Chelated Zinc: about 150mg magnesium and 5mg zinc per tablet. If you don't find it take the one with magnesium only.

Why magnesium? Is important if you do sports. Also helps to increase the insulin sensitivity in your body if sugar make you break out.

+ Zinc: 25mg per tablet (you can buy the 50mg ones and break it in halves)

Why zinc? very important for hormone levels and skin healing

+ Vitamin E (natural) 400iu: get the natural form. Why vitamin E? Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that is stored in fat

+ vitamin C: any kind will do. Why? Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant. It also increases the amout of iron and zinc that your body can use

+ Vitamin B5 (also called Panthotenic Acid) 500mg: This is one of the very few vitamins that has proven to be related to acne. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantothenic_acid)

+ Vitamin B5[/b 2x50mg per day: important for many functions in the body. Supposed to be good to fight allergy symptoms and hormonal acne especially in women (which I'm not :P)

How to use it:


before: 100mg magnesium, 1-2g fish oil, 25 mg zinc

after: 100-200mg alpha lipoic acid with some water


before: 100mg magnesium, 1-2g fish oil

after: 200mg alpha lipoic acid, maybe a vitamin E


before: 1-2g fish oil, magnesium

after: 100-200mg alpha lipoic acid,.. wait some time. and then take a 500mg vitamin B5

*If you eat a meal with much oil use 2 tabs of fish oil, if not then 1. You can also eat the fish-oil after the meal. Listen to your own body. You may vary the values as you wish. Alpha Lipoic Acid is what in my opinion does the trick!

some vitamin C as you want. You can also use a multivitamin now and then. Be sure not to use one that contains iodine (be careful. centrum contains iodine!).

BTW: I now can also eat stuff that would have killed my skin a few months ago. Some Sugar, Cheese, even chocolate. I think the omega3s have reduced my sensitivity to allergen food.

Please post your comments about my plan. If you start I would love to see some results of you guys. Tell us when you start. Bookmark this guide and return after 1 month to post about your progress.

Thanks for listening and all the best for you and your skin.





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I totally agree with everything you said man. Acne is a sign that there is some type of imbalance within your body. Although some people might get away with eating whatever they want or are able to clear their acne with the use of topical treatments, they are very lucky. If you struggle with acne and it never seems to improve, diet is the way to go :D

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I concur. My skin cleared within 2 months of drinking my last soda and improving my diet. I'd already spent a year taking some of those supplements and my skin got a lot less oily and my face rarely had any inflamed acne.

Although I don't have a problem with dairy, iodine, or caffeine, at least not with acne. I'm experimenting with eliminating other foods to see if it helps my sinus/headaches. But avoiding dairy for over a month didn't help. And I doubt I get enough iodine.

Also, cacao is not an issue with acne unless you are allergic or extremely sensitive to caffeine as there is very little caffeine in it. In fact, it tops the charts for anti-oxidents. And different anti-oxidents do different things in different parts of the body. You can just pick one or two. Most can have chocolate, just choose a low sugar, high cacao content dark chocolate. There's also cocoa. I drink unsweetened cocoa every day.

And while some people do break out from caffeine, most don't, and the amount in cocoa is very minimal. Much lower than tea, which is about half that of coffee. Caffeine is something to try avoiding, but it's probably not a problem for most. It's something to try avoiding though.

Also, few people have to be so strict as to avoid all sugar. Just remember it's supposed to be a luxury. Not a daily snack or something you drink several times a day. No one should be eating the amount of sugar in the typical modern diet. No one. Acne or not.

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I've started this regimen today, and hoping that it will help clear my bacne and facial acne.

Only thing's I've done different... I haven't yet gotten the magnesium.. and I'm taking Doxycycline 100Mg in the morning and at night... so I don't know if this will contribute yet..

I'll keep you updated...

By the way.. how long did it take for this regiment too work?

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I trying it.. and I'm on my third day also, but I know its working because I feel... IDK .. just better I guess.

You get the same feeling?

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Hello there, i have been expeimenting with a handfull of suplements and different diets for the last year, what you have written here sounds very promising and i will be trying out of the recomendations over the upcoming months. i will post my findings after a month and thereafter. my results will be of the upmost clinicality, and hope they can be useful. Ryan

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I mean, I don't feel any better, and so far I haven't noticed a significant improvement. I'm taking around 400mg a day, 100mg after breakfast, 200mg after lunch, and 100mg after dinner. I'm thinking of upping it too 600mg a day, 200mg after each meal.

Have you noticed any difference?

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Yeah it's important that you take at least 200mg of lipoic acid after the meals. I saw very good results after 10 days.

btw: I'm still 100% clear. Red marks fading :)

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During the past few days I sometimes ate big amounts of sugar which would have DESTROYED my skin 2 months ago. Be sure to eat the lipoic acid also after you eat sugar because it helps the sugar in your blood to get into the cells.

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I dont get it some say the diet is not related and you here say it is only God knows!!!?!?!?!

It does. Diet provides the nutrition your body uses to function. How could it not be affected.

Stupid dermatologists have been saying it has no effect for the last several decades because of one stupid flawed study. I've no idea why anyone would accept that studies findings, but for some reason they did and have preached that diet has no effect ever since.

Links to many studies showing a connection between diet and acne and other hormonal issues:


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guys got a question....my alpha lipoic acid states to take it 30mins BEFORE i eat not after...did yours state that too and you've just decided to take it AFTER the meals???? HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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guys got a question....my alpha lipoic acid states to take it 30mins BEFORE i eat not after...did yours state that too and you've just decided to take it AFTER the meals???? HELP!!!!!!!!!!

yes AFTER. It's important that you take it AFTER your eat sugar.

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It's a little sad that all the responses to this post are about the pills and everyone is completely ignoring the diet, exercise, sleep advice.

I experienced improvement from supplements too. But my skin cleared when I improved my diet and started eating more real, nutrient dense food and less of the nutritionally void processed crap. It took less than 2 months from the day I drank my last soda. And my skin remains clear whether or not I take supplements. I've changed supplements completely, run out of things and not gotten more for weeks, etc. and remain clear. Now I mainly take a multi and vitamin C and fish oil on days when I don't eat fish.

You need vitamin C throughout the day, btw. It does no good to just take/eat it once a day. It passes through your body very quickly.

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Good guide! B5 and b-complex is definatly a good idea if you eat alot of fats. fats do not break down in the body they excrete out of your pores and pantothenic acid takes care of that.

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ok guys, still a question....about the alpha lipoic acid...my bottle says take before eating...not after...does your guys say the same thing?? or does your bottle say take after?? i am getting discouraged people..seriously :(

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