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Sotret/Accutane/Clarvis Differences?

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So I got my prescription today. I will be taking 20 mg twice daily. The perscription says "Sotret" capsules and "Allow Generic". I thought that sotret IS a generic drug. Has anyone taken different types of isot and preferred a certain brand? Maybe one has less side effects?

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I'm taking Sotret right now...currently in my 4th month and I"m LOVING IT!

I've always had a problem with acne and tried practically everythign out there and was VERY hesitant taking accutane.

Now I"m on Sotret...started at 10/40/80/100 mg after each occuring month and let me tell you. It was the best thing I've ever taken in my life. Never had an initial break out, but if i did..it was so minute that I couldn't really tell. Only thing that sucks is the extreme, and I MEAN EXTREME, dry lips. but my face is really dry (so dry that the blue CLean&clear oil absorbing sheets can't absorb any oil...considering my face was an oil slick) and my skin is smoooooooooth...but my redness and red scars are still there. =( but that'll go away in due time.

<3 Sotret.

Oh, one thing to note about Sotret. I remember reading an article couple months back when I was first starting Sotret about Ranbaxy ( the company that manufactures Sotret) failing to pass the FDA regulation guidelines and a lot of their products were recalled including Sotret.

Kinda got me scared and was very difficult to fill my prescription at a lot of pharmacies, but was able to obtain it. I asked the doctor if it was possible to switch to Claravis (which was readily available, but he said I cannot.)

Well, ENjoy accutane and hoep it works wonders for you like it did to me.

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