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A question abouts soaps and face cleaners !!!

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Hi Guys,

I have one or two pimples every now and then and my pimples I think are whiteheads and not that bad because after they fully develop they form a white head and the stuff with come out on its own after a warm shower or they would dry out within a few days.

I have hardly had any stubborn ones for weeks and when I have any they would be on my forhead and sometimes between the Sideburns and the eye. I do not have many spots and I would usually have one or two maximum at a time and would usually go away within a few days or a week but as i said lately I have had 2 or 3 on my forehead.

I got a quick question. Do soaps even mild ones like dove and Johnoson soap bars for babies cause any irritation or spots ? I do not know but I think my face gets a couple or red pimples after I use any soaps. I remember I felt the same even with a couple of medicated bars like MidActive and another one. I am chicken and cannot keep using it. I buy the soap bar or the face Cleansers and use it like once or twice and then if I see a spot I think it's because of it.

Any help ? Any recommendations ?

Thanks in advance !


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I don't recommend soap bars ^^; , the literal soap bars that are meant as body wash or for your hands. Real soap dries out your skin and takes away all of your natural oils in your skin causing it to produce more which equals clogged pores.

Don't have personal experience with soap bars, I usually like the liquid cleansers better. There could be a lot of reasons for acne to be forming, natural if you're going through a hormonal stage most of the time.

Hope you find your answer.

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Thank you! The problem is that I even tried face wash gels like Neutrogena and Clean & Clear and some others and I think some of them tend to dry the skin as well and cause pimples ! I am not sure and scared to try any in case they make me break out !

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