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Woman dies after drinking too much water.

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Well..duh. Those people were obviously idiots to drink TONS of water in such a short amount of time!

Your body needs time to process the water and remove excess from the system and chugging a few liters in a couple of hours without urinating or anything is obviously not a smart thing to do.

It's good to consume a lot of water...just don't sit there and chug-chug-chug every other minute or it's going to dilute your system and screw you up. That, and if you hyper-hydrated, you'll have symptoms like nausea and headaches and such. Basically, you won't feel well. If you've drank a lot of water and start feeling sick, it's best to sit that cup down for a while and let it flush out of your system.

Common sense, really.

Drink your 8 glasses a day-just don't do it in a short period of time.

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Actually, it's 13 cups for men and 9 cups for women a day. 8 cups a day is garbage.

I was using 8 as a common, generic statement.

In reality, not everyone should drink the same amount and to assume that every woman or every man has the exact same water needs is 'garbage'

The actual way to figure out how much you need is to divide your weight in half and drink that much in ounces per day.

For instance, my best friend is a small girl. She weighs about 110. Half of that is 55 meaning she needs about 55 ounces of water a day...drinking 9 glasses would give her 72 ounces. She doesn't need 9 glasses a day. She needs about 6.

My dad is a big guy-he's tall, has a lot of muscle and a lot of pudge. He weighs around 275lbs meaning he should be drinking around 17 glasses a day-not 13.

This can also vary based upon activity level and the weather. There is no set number of glasses that every single person should abide by each day.

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