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I got diagnosed with polycystik ovaries when I was 18 (I am now 30) which basically was caused by hormones messing up. Which caused acne for me. So, I was treated with cyproterone. Some combination which was birth control with something else added. It completely cleared my acne. I had no side effects either under it. I mean, I went from mild to severe cysts to NOTHING at all. It however stopped my period and everything. For all those years. I can say, it was very convenient!! Dry hair which I would have to wash every three days only, dry skin, my sweat smelled nothing, I mean...it had really good points!!BUT, very low sex drive, which I was never told about as being one of the side effects and a morale that was sometimes low too, for no reason, and now I realize it because I have stopped!

I took that for 10 years and stopped a little over a year ago despite the risk that my ovaries might start messing up again. But, the treatment saved them. I got an ultrasound last September and it showed they are fine now. But acne came back :(

That's why I am now on roaccutane to help with acne differently. If my hormones, which seem to be working fine now (although I haven't had a hormone check...) continue to work like that, then I hope roaccutane works too on me. If acne comes back after roaccutane, then I might have to go back to that birh control pill combination. I stopped it because for me 10 years sounded more than enough. We never know the risks on the body.

Have I helped you on that one?

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I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19 after going two years without a menstrual cycle. My whole body was out of whack (acne, excess weight gain and hair growth, etc). I was put on birth control pills to regulate my menstrual cycles. I was overweight when I was diagnosed, so I dropped 50 pounds by watching what I ate, exercising regularly, and downing loads of water. This made my body get back in check and my cycles returned to normal.

However, I've let some extra weight creep back up on me over the past year, and I'm noticing the PCOS symptoms again. So I'm starting to be more strict about eating right and getting enough exercise and water. My skin has also been a wreck for the past month or so, but it's getting better now that I'm drinking more water and avoiding a lot of junk food. My periods are still MIA, but I'm taking Glucophage to fix that. I anticipate that things will be back to normal in another six months. It's pretty much a never-ending battle, but worth all the fuss when my body starts functioning properly.

I'm not sure about why you have PCOS, but I know for certain that mine is all related to my weight. When I'm heavier, my PCOS rears its ugly head. But when I slim down, everything is completely normal. I've been dealing with this for close to 10 years, so if you have any questions or just need to vent, feel free to drop me a message!


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Thanks for your replies, the information was helpful. The doctor said I definitely show the signs of Polistic ovaries and she has booked me for an ultra sound. She advised that I should lose weight too, even though i'm not fat. She's given me Dianette (birth control) which I took some years ago and they did nothing, but i'll try them again. I really hope that once i'm diagnosed whatever treatment she advises will work. :confused: I just want to be ok by summer. I don't want to let another summer go by :(

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I have PCOS and it's gotten pretty bad lately. I had an ultrasound 7 years ago and had a cluster of cysts on my left side, right not so bad. I too Metformin for a few years, didn't do much then I lost a lot of weight and it seem to help my problem. I also stopped eating white food (white flour, rice, bread, milk etc.) and had no symptoms for about two years and then when that stuff started creeping back into my diet, bam..acne again, hair growth in places I didn't wat it and lost some hair from my head. So I'm headed back to the endocrinologist next month. I personally want all my "parts" ripped out. I'm so sick of this. At 36 years old, I think I'm ready to stop being miserable.

diet changes can help tremendously. Low carb, high protein diet, moderate exercise and stop drinking sodas and sugary type foods. PCOS can sometimes be caused by something called insulin Resistance. Not everyone with PCOS has it, but many do. I could not lose weight for the longest time even though I thought I aate very little, and got exercise. It's carbs and hormones in our meat and dairy that can make it worse. So I only buy anti-biotic free meats, eggs and dairy. IT made a world of difference. then I stopped eating white bread and white sugar products, help even more. I gradually eliminated stuff from my diet and drank a tone of water everyday. See a endocrinologist. they really know the most about PCOS or a gyno that specializes in these problems. the medical treatment is usually some kind of med, maybe BCP, spirolactone and diet changes. It's a long term medical problem that will come and go and will effect your everyday life until menopause or if you choose a hysterectomy. I'm thinking about the latter at this point. It's actually become painful for me. I have one good week out of the month. It sucks.

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