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Any chance my derm gives me accutane?

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I've been on Dan's Regimen for over 4 weeks, so my acne is slowly getting under control. However, I do not want to have to apply BP to my face for the rest of my life. I have a ton of red marks which aren't really that noticeable.

Let me know if you think it's possible to get Accutane, and second if you think that it would get rid of it with one course.

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Looking at your picture and having taken accutane twice for cystic acne-I won't take it if I had mild acne "at the worst" like yours. You'll feel like your skin is tight for the rest of your life, may experience hair lose, and perhaps other problems. It's your call -Look at other's experience's and make your own decision. PS Accutane is no cure-just another means of getting rid of acne for X amount of time.

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i definitely wouldnt recommend accutane for mild acne! if you can get your acne under control with topicals then you definitely dont need accutane. it is a "last resort" medication for severe acne. ive had acne for 10+ years and finally got accutane after jumping through all sorts of hoops and loops with my derm. ive had pretty much every side effect... dry skin, dry eyes, nose bleeds, joint pain (back, knees, feet, arms), rash on my hands, loss of eye lashes, thin skin on my face, eczema on my neck and face, dry lips, fatigue... and my face still isnt clear. its no miricle drug. my acne got WAAAY worse for the 1st 10 weeks (i didnt want to leave my house)... and is finally getting better on week 11. im only going through this because im desperate. try other antibiotics before jumping to the strongest medication. good luck though!

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As the others have said, I'd carefully consider whether the potential (potential being the key word, not assured) outcome is worth the risks.

That said, my acne was reasonably mild as well when I was put on Accutane. My dermatologist wasn't in favor of my doing it, but my acne was just becoming emotionally unmanageable for me and I wasn't willing to settle for trying anything but the strongest medication I could find. I had gotten tired of "managing" my acne with no possible end in sight.

Now, while on Accutane my acne hasn't improved tremendously, and certainly not as much as I had hoped. So keep in mind that you may jump through all of these hoops, spend all of the money (I've been on a 5 month course and it's cost me about $300--that's including an insurance break which makes each month about $100 less than it would be without the insurance), and your acne problem may still not be solved.

Some dermatologists will be willing to let you do it, others won't.

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I hate to say it, but you have such mild acne, theres no wat a derm would give you accutane, only topical creams...btw you dont need accutane with what you have, believe me

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You'd be a damn fool to go on accutane mate especially when yiou are likely to have your acne under control from a simple daily regimen. The serious side effects are simply NOT worth it and I guarantee if you are like me, you'd feel suicidal day in day out if you knew you'd traded your health in for clear skin.

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