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Hi, I'm new here and I just want to share my problem with all of you....I am 31 years old and for the past 3 years I experienced the worst time of my life: battling adult acne. I never had this problem before but once I hit 29, they hit me....BAD :doh: My acnes are mild/moderate and they all focus on my chin...I began with those superficial pimples & white heads, then later I had these red cysts with pus (yuke!) and now..they've upgraded to these deep skin big red ones that are hard underneath, seldom comes to a head and last for weeks..if not months (sounds kinda like nodular acne)...I've tried everything OTC like bp, SA, retinol, herbs...then my doc gave me oral antibiotics, clindamycin topical, hydrocortisone topical, Azelex etc..and yet my deep skin acnes remain...I'm thinking about trying the 10% Sodium Sulfacetamide like Klaron or the Plexion/Clenia wash...if you have tried any of these, can you share you experience with me??? Or just tell me what you think... ;) Thank you people!

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Sorry, no experience with that product. But it's strange that it started so late. There's always a chance you developed an allergy around 29, maybe you should take an allergy test.

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I know it's strange...I'm not sure about allergy..I mean all my acnes are found on my right chin and nowhere else (touchwood)...my derm just keep giving me antibiotics....we all know how good they work......

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