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Spot forming under my skin.

Heya Guys.

Well, latly I have been getting massive bumps on my nose that are very red and the dont turn into a white head. They stay big for about 2 weeks and then fade down to just a red mark on my skin. Some that I had 1 month ago are still here (the red mark)

What is this? How can I stop it?

Two days ago I felt the tip of my nose and there was a slight pain ( Knew straight away a spot was growing ). Now there is a large red area on the tip of my nose, like i have a cold ( red nose raindeer) and soon I know it will get out of the skin and be a massive bump.

What can I do to stop it becoming a bump?

I have been Icing it.

Drinking 4 litres of water a day

Eating an apple a day

Having 5 veg a day.

What can I do?



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crush up some ibuprofen, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol, a little moisturizer and slab that on the spot

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Update: Iced it and alot of the redness has gone.

Been a week now and it has slightly started to rise from the skin.

I think these are called papsules.

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i had one of these on my chin. I know what i done was completely wrong, and could of caused scarring, but, basically i steralised a needle poked it, gentley squeezed the gew out, it wansnt puss cause it didnt have a head, then i constantly iced it, and used sum cream my mum has, vitamin A i think, then applied sudocream at night, after 3 days it peeled off leaving no mark :S.

every other spot leaves a mark, but for some reason this didnt, but defo ice it alot, and try sudocream, it orks MIRACLES!

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