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How long do you wait for results?


I was just wondering how long you normally give a new treatment before trying something else? I find it really easy to just write something off if it doesn't improve my skin in a week which probably isn't really enough time.

What do you guys think? :confused:

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i would give something at least a month before giving it up.

although my advice is to just order dan's supplies and try the regimen. after 1 day it started to purge my existing acne, and its supposedly killing off all the acne bacteria that would of caused future acne!

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You should wait at least 6-12 weeks before giving up.

I've had treatments not give much improvement till week 6. I've heard of people not responding till week 14 and then clearing.

I've also seen graphs of improvement over time averaged over lots of people. If your acne is anything like theres it will take about 6 weeks to improve by 50%. The improvement starts to really flatten out at week 12.

It really does take a very long time. The reason is probably because it takes your skin a month to turn itself over; to grow out once. And you need to do that about 3 times to really clean your pores out as much as they're going to.

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Depends on what product you're using really, for example when using retinoids, it took 2-3 months to see the results. But for any other products, I personally would test it for a few days behind my ear and if theres no adverse reaction, I would use it 2-3 weeks straight to see if its suitable for me

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