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Started Claravis 11-17-2008 7pm 40mg

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Started Claravis, and took my first dose at 7pm on Monday. I went to bed around 10pm, but woke up around 12am with a headache. I took 3 excedrin, and I still feel a bit nautious. So here I am at 3am starting this post because the headache will not go away and I cannot sleep because of it. The plan was to take 40mg pills for 5 months, we'll see how this goes.

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Today was my day 7. I see minor improvements, but my face is still kind of oily and my lips are still normal. I got a breakout along my jaw, but a few large cysts I had before I started the accutane, got smaller and hardened into little blackheads and fell out.

My eyes have been feeling funny. My vision has not gotten bad, but theres something about them I can't really explain. It kind of feels like they're seeing with a lower frequency if that makes sense.

Also 2 days this week, I woke up after sleeping for about 2 hours and could not go back to sleep.

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Hi stasa, I am almost near 2 months in now. I got bumped to 80mg a day starting the second month. I dont really see any drastic improvements. I am still breaking out, and I dont know if this is strange but, I think this medication is making me get hair growth in unwated areas. I started getting hair growth all over my forehead and the unibrow area.

I guess the amazing thing abotu this stuff is how fast it heals your skin. If you get a breakout, and it pops or if you squeeze, it heals and goes away so fast.

I think next month I might get bumped up to 100mg because of my weight

I'm 6'2 210lb

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