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I am currently taking 2000mg psyllium husk, 5000mg garlic oil, 1000mg olive leaf, 50mg zinc, multi vitamin, and am currently doing a liver cleanse.

I cut out all dairy (except eggs and goat cheese), sugar, yeast, and foods with nasty additives, and alcohol. I only eat fruits, veggies, fish, meat (no lunch meat or processed junk), and nuts.

I have been eating healthy like this on and off for a few years now but for the last year I have been very very strict about my diet.

I still have acne. I am certain that my diet has helped tame my acne because if I was to eat the forbidden foods, I would breakout really bad with white puss all over my face. So I know diet does play a role but I would think if it was just my diet then I should be clear by now. I wonder if hormones are playing a role as well. I only play with the one eyed snake once a week just to satisfy that urge but no more because too much and that also makes me break out. If hormones are playing a part what can I do about that?

I get the normal red spots, often with puss inside. Usually I have a few white puss spots in the morning too. Sometimes I get really bad cysts that seem to last forever. I also have a lot of black heads.

Is there anything else I can be doing?

Btw, I'm almost 23.

Despite my healthy diet I sometimes have bad breath and thrush (that white stuff on tongue). Maybe candida?

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