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Yaz or Ortho Lo

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I have never been on a birth control before but my Gyno has always tried to get me to go on something since having my son, one thing is I am not very sexual active and have never been cause of my schedule being so crazy all the time with work and my son. I do have a 2 year old and I am a single mom. This time when I went for my yearly, I talked with the Gyno about putting me on YAZ for my acne. I have been suffering from mild/moderate acne for the last 2 years ( since having my son) and I hate it so seeing the Yaz commercial I decided to try it. My Gyno kept trying to get me to try Ortho Lo but I was stuck on trying YAZ. I have no side affects on yaz what so ever but my acne is going crazy. Never before have I had cystic acne all over my chin and now I do. Another reason I wanted on BC was for my back acne and I have noticed it not being as bad but the cystic acne on my face hurts and everyday there are 2 to 3 new ones. I just finished up my first month on Yaz and tonight I am suppose to start the new pack, not sure what to do now. Should I stick it out or try the Ortho Lo that they gave me? I do love the fact that being on YAZ, my PMS was little to none this past month and for once I actually new when I was going to start my period and being on my period now, I have no cramping and have no cramping. Someone please help me out?

I forgot to add that since this is the 4th day of being on the white pill and being off the reg. active pill that in 3 days I have only had 2 cystic breakouts, so could this pill not be for me or is this something my body has to adapt too?

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Ive been taking Yaz for a year 1/2. My skin was in ok shape when I started because I was using the regimen but I still got some. Well when I started Yaz I noticed I was breaking out more and getting a few bigger ones. I freaked out too but honestly I stuck it out for atleast 6 months because everyone told me you have too.

Im not wanting to get off it for other adverse reactions. Every so often It just makes me feel like crap. my skin reacts to sun differently, spider veins in my face show up more, and now its making me have stomach cramps and arm pain.. (All symtoms YAZ lists can happen)

Im scared to get off it but.. its not worth being on anymore.

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After 6 weeks of being on YAZ I went off of it, my face has never been so bad in my life. Acne everywhere, my chin and my forehead looked like mounds of sand bars. It was bad. I waited like 3 2 weeks to see if it would get better but it only got worse. I went out and bought the Avon kit for acne and it really made my face soft and the acne started going away but within a few days returned much worse on my forehead. I finally broke down and went to the Dermatologist at which she put me on Adoxa and 2 diffferent creams.

Yaz is the darn devil to me. This stuff made my face do things it has never done before and I am truely paying for it now. The medications I am on are causing my face to dry out like never before to where I can't even wear makeup. I am so sick of dealing with all this and it's all because I was bound and determined to go on YAZ.

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I am sorry to hear that the pill didn't work for you. I have never tried Yaz.

I do recommend Ortho Lo. I have been on it for two years, and my face started clearing up drastically in the first month I started to take it. I only have very mild breakouts that go away within two days, when I get really close to the placebos.

Before I started taking it, I used antibiotics and prescribed topicals that did nothing to clear me up, and mostly just irritated my face.

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