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hi all,

I'm a newbie here, though certainly NOT new to acne. i've had it since I was 11 or some ridiculous age like that. I haven't had clear skin since i was under 10!!! I just turned 21. I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars over the years trying to find anything that worked. i've found nothing. it got pretty bad when i was 13 but then simmered down for a few years (though was still pretty bad!). but now, its back at a pretty bad level and i'm really not able to cope with it emotionally anymore. im just sick of having this crap on my face.

anyways, when i was younger i was too embarrassed to go to the derm beacuse.... i was an idiot. but i've been going to a derm for almost a year now and he's just given me these crap creams such as retin-A and benzoyl peroxide stuff... it just dries me out really bad and hes made me stay on it for many many months.. like 6... and if anything my skin has gotten worse with breakouts... i get tons of tiny ones now on my forehead and before i never did.... anyways i really just want to *hopefully* end it all with accutane. so i'm going to ask him at my appointment to start up on it.

i've read so many accutane journals of others, beacuse before i was too scared to really seriously consider taking it. now i realize there isn't any other option. its my last resort. i've tried everything.

my next appointment is oct.31 which unfortunately isn't for a while but there's not many derms in my city and he gets booked up very very fast.

he's not the nicest man in the world. but honestly, it would take many many months to get an appointment with another derm. i mentioned accutane before but he wanted to try me on creams and antibiotics first.

i'm basically just curious to know what your experiences with accutane are. i know everyone is different, i am just curious. Did you get really bad depression? How much did you have to moisturize your skin? Was it extremely flakey dry or not so bad?

I've known a few people who went on accutane and one girl didn't get dry skin at all... she is so lucky. she just got very very dry lips.

Also wondering, how long after your derm decided for you to try it, did you actually get it? I know you have to take a blood test and sign forms and stuff... so did you just have to wait for the blood results back to get it? Also, how many months is someone typically on it?

Sorry this is so long!


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I'm about one month in and the skin near my chin is getting kind of flaky. I did get an IB. The left side of my face got about 6 big cysts. They have died down and now I'm getting it on the right! I have a derm appointment monday so I'm hoping he gives me an injection or prednisone (steroid) to lower the inflammation of my cysts. I'm also gonna ask for a prescription for a hydrocortisone (sp?) moisturizer I've heard several people talk about on here. It's supposed to be great but nothings working on my flaky spots. My lips are drying out but it's not too bad yet, and I'm getting some back pain and a few nosebleeds. You can swab vaseline in your nose to prevent it but I always forget! Good luck.

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You've tried EVERYTHING have you?

What about Tetracycline? Minocin? Have you followed the BP regimen to a tee for 4 months solid morning and night? Dietry changes? If female, have you tried the Pill?

Until you reassuring answer Yes to all of the above, and you still battle with facial acne, there is no way you should consider Accutane just yet and unless your acne is severe and cystic I'd be surprised if your Derm puts you on it.

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i've tried Tetracycline, i've so many tropical creams... ive tried crazy diets and only natural products.... no change ever. i've been trying for 10 years!!! my skin is stubborn and my problem is genetic.. it's not a case of oh i have a few pimples.

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