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rushing into fraxel co2

So my grams calls me to tell me she was gonna set up a consult for the Fraxel CO2 "dot treatment".

now I had no idea what this was but she said I would have to make an appointment for tommorow and the treatment can only be done on the 22nd.

Now, before I ask all the medical mumbo jumbo theres just one thing.

I'm leaving for basic roughly on the 5th of november.

The only thing is that I might have to go outside prior to leaving for bootcamp, we have what we call "DEP" meetings which are basically just us going outside mid afternoon to late afternoon drilling and doing various exercises and such.

my next meeting is on the 18th, which will be before the treatment (If I decide to go with it). the one after that will probably be on the 30th which would be about 8 days after the treatment.

this, to me does not seem like enough time.

Now, for the procedure it is vary confusing to understand what type of treatment I am considering getting. from all the stories and videos my head is spinning. I'm just looking for a good place to gather knowledge on the specific treatment I am considering.

I am hearing all kinds of things such as blue dye sitting on your face and not leaving some for days; extreme burning; and risk of scaring.

I have also heard that people get more then one treatment.. but I thought this was supposed to be an only one time treatment?

Those are just a few of the many concerns and facts I've gathered.

a quick and lengthy response will be very appreciated,


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I don't think you have enough time for a Fraxel Re:pair. It depends on what procedure you are talking about. Some of the other fractional treatments have a downtime of 3-5 days, whereas Fraxel re:pair seems to take at least seven days and probably closer to two weeks to recover from. Plus, being outside and exposing your face to the sun is discouraged during recovery. I'm guessing bootcamp would be pretty stressful so my advice would be to wait until you have more time to recover.

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yes, that seems to be the best idea. I'm sure it would be better to do research and wait as well as get the procedure done on my own and choose the best place to do it.

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der3wuste3fuchs, that is very nice of your grandmother, but I agree with RSR26 that you do not have the time to pull this off. I had Re:pair and you need at least a good week out of the limelight and 3 months out of the sun. I am kinda sure your DI won't go along with that idea. Good Luck in Basic!!

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I just had my first Fraxel treatment. I've done a lot of reading to prepare. Here's the basics of what I've read and heard from my doc:

There's A LOT of conflicting opinions and experiences/results with Fraxel because its level of intensity is customized to you and based on variables such as:

depth of your scars,

color/pigment of your skin,

desired outcome,

your skin's reaction

Results are also determined by your doc's experience since they determine everything from # of treatments, intensity, time inbetween treatments (my 5 treatments are going to be done every 4 weeks)

My doc quoted me a 50-80% improvement - not really noticeable until after the 2nd or 3rd treatment. I had really bad cystic acne that left deep scars and red spots. One treatment likely won't do much for most people.

I was back at work the same day of my treatment.

You HAVE to stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen.

If you have any history of cold sores, pre-emptive medication will be prescribed

Fraxel can help with existing acne - not really sure how, possibly the heat kills infection or helps inflammation within the pores.

Average cost of each treatment (I'm in California) 1000.00. Don't go for the cheapest bid -go for the doc w/ lots of experience.

Collagen growth / improvements can be seen up to 6 months after the last treatment.

Yes, it hurt...but it wasn't the worst pain I've ever felt. Sort of like a metal rolling pin with hot tiny spikes. I didn't bleed...just got redness and a little swelling.

Hope this helps!


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