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Acctutane & Scars/Red Marks

Heres the deal,

I started Accutane last April and now I am done with my course. I am now acne free and just a buttload of acne marks and scars on my cheeks.

Thing is, I am very pressed for time when it comes to the scars and etc.

Now in the six month "down" period, is there ANYTHING I can do that will not interfere with the "down" period. It is obvious that I cannot do lasers or demabrasion. But what about peels or light therapy?

Are these exempt as well? If so why? I thought the ony thing I should avoid after the six month period is anything violent with my skin.

Any information?

Please Help.

This issue is actually affecting my career choices and it would be great if I could get rid of these as soon as possible.

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avoid anything that will damage the skin, but you could begin to use aloe vera products and perhaps tea tree products which many people belive help heal there red marks faster

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My derm had mentioned to avoid peels, also. Now I am just at the beginning of my accutane experience, however I am already starting to think about what to do once I finish during that 6-month downtime. Have you tried using scar fading moisturizers? I was/am still using slightly a facial lotion by Vita-K Solutions for Acne Scars. It has, obviously, vitamin K in it which helps the scaring and red marks to fade as well as silica to work on the indentations. I actually saw results within the first couple of applications. It does feel slightly oily, however once it soaks in it doesn't leave you greasy. So it's not harsh on your skin, yet you can start working on those red spots.

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