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Clearing up while taking Accutane BUT...

Hello fellow acne-haters,

I've recently started taking accutane after 8 dreadful years of heavy acne. I tried all the topicals, antibiotics, holistic flushes, etc. TRIED EM ALL. Nothing worked.

Until recently, I came across a post about a relationship between gluten and acne. After reading that post, I recalled my prior months and realized that I did overdose on a lot of whole wheat/gluten type foods. I would eat a sandwich with whole wheat bread, lunch with whole wheat bread and dinner I would eat whole wheat pasta...I'm a personal trainer, so I was trying to intake "good" carbs and add some fiber into my diet to lose some fat.

As a result, I broke out like CRAZYYYYY a week or two after I started my whole wheat craze.

At the same time, I started accutane..only 10mg (which is a VERY LOW DOSE) and incorporated a gluten-free diet..which is very hard to do, I had to cut out bread, chips, cold cuts...basically A LOT OF FOOD. As a result, I'm clearing up RAPIDLY! all the years I had acne, I've never seen my skin heal so fast. Whenever I would wash my face, I would be disgusted by all the bumps I had on my skin, now its smooth with only a few bumps here and there.

Gluten- free diet is the way to go

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I've been eating a low carb diet for the past week or so and im on accutane its my 3rd day though and ive noticed improvments in my skin I think from not eating so many carbs I broke out a lil but I think its because of stress but I think your right!

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